SPOONFUL OF SUGAR on Shudder is a new horror movie that offers one hell of a trip. And not one likable character in the mix. That might sound off-putting, but for this story, it works surprisingly well. Read our full Spoonful of Sugar movie review here!

SPOONFUL OF SUGAR is a new Shudder horror movie that was ultimately an amazing surprise. I say “ultimately” because I was intrigued at first, but not quite sure where it was heading. Or rather, how bold and brazen it was willing to go with the chosen concept.

Well, the amazing surprise came when it was clear that this movie goes all the way. Not in an abusive or exploitative way, but it does shine a light on the fact that most people are “freaky” in their own right. Just a little dose of LSD can make this dangerously apparent.

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Nobody is really likable here

Let me be clear that when I say “nobody is likable”, I’m not saying these people are terrible individuals. I am, however, saying that we get to see all of them. And not many people can hold up to that kind of scrutiny. We see who these people are when they believe nobody is watching.

And these are the supposedly “normal” and unmedicated people in the story.

The main protagonist (who is also the antagonist to both herself and the world, though she tries not to be) is Millicent. She’s actually a very loving and caring person, but she also seems to believe that nothing is off-limits if you do it for love. Obviously, this take on life – and the people in her life – is dangerous.

Also, her therapist is very fond of using medication and does not shy away from experimenting. That’s how Millicent ends up being on LSD. And Millicent likes being on LSD because it opens up her world a whole lot more. All she really wants is to find a family and have someone to receive all her love and return it.

Unfortunately, she ends up in a family that is way more messed up than she is. Even though she’s the one on LSD.

Spoonful of Sugar – Review | Shudder Horror Movie

A fascinating group of characters

There are very few characters in Spoonful of Sugar, but with characters that are this big, you don’t need more. Millicent is the most impressive of them all and she portraying with a fierce passion by Morgan Saylor (Homeland). From the second I saw her on the screen, I was reminded of Angela Bettis. For any fans of horror that stay with you, this is a very good thing.

And Morgan Saylor does seem to channel all the things that Angela Bettis (May, 12 Hour Shift) has made a career of. Not that it feels like an impersonation of another actor, but the two have the same energy and power in their performances. Again, this is a compliment and – for many horror fans – enough reason to give Spoonful of Sugar a chance.

Along with Millicent, we mostly focus on the family that has hired her as a babysitter. The boy, Johnny, has lots of issues and is labeled as “sick” while being heavily medicated. Danilo Crovetti (Hunters) does an excellent job of portraying Johnny.

His parents, Rebecca and Jacob, are portrayed by Kat Foster and Myko Olivier respectively. In this movie, Myko Olivier (Menendez: Blood Brothers) is used as “eye candy”. He’s often seen without a shirt and is clearly treated as an object. Both in the story and by his wife. However, getting involved in extramarital activities left and right is also a part of it.

Kat Foster (Jean-Claude Van Johnson) is brilliant as the woman who just wants to be the perfect mother. Not so much for her own son as for appearances. Though she does clearly care about Johnny, she also cares about her career, which is as an author. Writing about childcare.

Watch Spoonful of Sugar on Shudder

Spoonful of Sugar was directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan. The screenplay comes from Leah Saint Marie, and it isn’t difficult to understand why Mercedes Bryce Morgan (Save Me) wanted to make this movie. In fact, the combination of the two as writer and director seems like a match made in horror heaven.

Mercedes Bryce Morgan already has a new movie that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022. It’s called Fixation and I’m definitely keeping my eye out for that one now.

Neither seems afraid to go all in. Including the simple detail of having blood that actually looks like blood. Or making the husband a real whore who is easy on the eyes, but cold as ice in most other ways. And yet, even his behavior is explained by him essentially being a “kept man”. He can only really act out this way. So he does.

While there isn’t a single likable character, when you look objectively, you can still allow yourself to care for them. Their stupid or spiteful ways are explained, which means you can decide for yourself if this is an excuse. Also, the runtime of 94 minutes is another thing this movie has going for it. Just pay attention and go along for the ride. It’s a real trip in every sense of the word!

Spoonful of Sugar is on Shudder from March 2, 2023.


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A disturbed babysitter experiences a sexual awakening while using LSD to alternatively treat a seemingly “sick” child from a family with dark secrets of their own.

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