Perdida is a new thriller from Argentina and it’s on Netflix now. The story works really well and is as creepy as it is realistic. Do check it out!

Perdida is a mystery thriller on Netflix and everyone should check it out. However, it isn’t exactly easy to watch. We’re dealing with sex trafficking and a lot of violence. Especially towards women.

On the flip side, we also get an absolutely brilliant female character in Pipa. Personally, I would love to see a lot more movies with that character. Maybe Perdida will have a sequel.

Or even better; A new Netflix series would be perfect!

Based on the novel Cornelia

The movie Perdida is actually based on a novel titled Cornelia. This makes sense once you watch the movie since the mystery is all about a character called “Cornelia”.

The book was written by Florencia Etcheves and I can see why they made a movie out of the story. It’s a perfect little mystery thriller with plenty of very (unfortunately) realistic elements.

This means there’s plenty of drama and mystery in the thriller, but the horrors are also very real.

And yes, if you’re a fan of mystery thrillers or crime stories, then you’ll probably guess many elements. Fortunately, this doesn’t take anything away from the entertainment value. The characters are fascinating and the actors all deliver very good performances.

Perdida (2018) Netflix Thriller

Simply brilliant characters

While watching Perdida, I couldn’t help but think of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo several times. The stories aren’t really similar, but there’s something in the tone and feel of the story that fits.

Also, Perdida is based out of Argentina (though other countries are part of the story) while the aforementioned movie is based in Sweden.

It’s probably the characters that made me think of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not that Pipa is like Lisbeth Salander. However, there is a character called Alina, who did remind me a bit of the Swedish hacker.

Two brilliant actresses

The absolute stars of the film are Pipa and Sirena. Pipa is portrayed brilliantly by Luisana Lopilato, while Sirena is played by Amaia Salamanca.

Luisana Lopilato has done a lot of TV series, but I haven’t seen her in anything before this (that I know of). However, if she seems familiar it may be because she’s often seen with crooner Michael Bublé. The two have been married since 2011.

Amaia Salamanca has also worked a lot on TV shows and several movies. Again, I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything before, but the Spanish actress is really good in Perdida. Hopefully, we’ll get to see both Luisana Lopilato and Amaia Salamanca again soon.

Perdida (2018) Netflix Thriller

Watch Perdida on Netflix

Alejandro Montiel directed Perdida and also co-wrote the script based on the book by Florencia Etcheves. Alejandro Montiel already has several productions under his belt – as both writer and director. He even did a documentary back in 2009.

It’s not that Perdida is very innovative or different. It even has a few minor hiccups along the way. Still, it does challenge this very tough subject in an honest and direct way. And for once, the women are portrayed as capable and strong rather than “just” victims.

Pretty much all the characters have flaws (don’t we all?!) and this makes the story work. You should definitely check out Perdida if you like a good mystery with very dark and realistic undertones.

Perdida is out on Netflix in most (if not all) countries now!


Director: Alejandro Montiel
Cast: Luisana Lopilato, Marta Haller, Mara Alberto, Carlos Alcantára, Juan Ignacio Cane, Pedro Casablanc


A policewoman whose childhood friend disappeared in Patagonia years ago starts a new search to find answers, and soon finds her own life in danger.

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