THE LEGACY OF THE BONES is a thriller on Netflix. It’s a Spanish movie (org. title Legado en los huesos) and the second movie in a trilogy. However, you could watch this movie on its own – it’s just better to watch both. Read our full The Legacy of the Bones review here!

The Legacy of the Bones is a Spanish thriller on Netflix. The original title is Legado en los huesos and if characters feel familiar it’s because this is the second movie in a trilogy.

This Netflix crime-thriller has a lot of characters and also a lot of places are mentioned. This means you need to stay focused while watching. However, it is also a very entertaining and really intriguing story in many ways.

The first movie of the trilogy was The Invisible Guardian from 2017. Don’t worry though, each movie has a stand-alone story (like the James Bond franchise), so you can watch this on its own.

However, I would highly recommend watching the first one also. Mostly because it’s actually good and will give some (much needed) additional insight to the universe of these characters. More on the trilogy aspect later.

Continue reading our The Legacy of the Bones movie review below and check out both this and its prequel on Netflix.

The second movie in the Baztán Trilogy

The Legacy of the Bones is the second movie in the Baztán trilogy which features the character Amaia Salazar played by Marta Etura. The first movie was titled The Invisible Guardian (org. title El guardián invisible) and came out in 2017. In that movie, Amaia Salazar (an FBI-trained police officer), returns home to work on a serial killer case in her hometown.

In The Legacy of the Bones, Salazar returns to the same area for a new case. Of course, it’s best to have watched the first movie to understand the background of this character. However, you really can watch this movie on Netflix on its own. I have actually watched The Invisible Guardian, but I didn’t remember it well before watching this sequel.

You can watch the first movie in the trilogy on Netflix. Here is the direct Netflix link to The Invisible Guardian >

The third movie is due out in movie theaters in Spain this summer. Obviously, the form in which it will be released will most likely be changed due to the current pandemic. It is already finished though, so it should be out soon – in some form. This final movie of the trilogy is titled Ofrenda a la tormenta (no official English title yet).

The Legacy of the Bones – Netflix Review

Marta Etura is the star of The Legacy of the Bones

It should go without saying that Marta Etura is the star of this entire trilogy. I mean, she plays the lead character, Amaia Salazar, throughout the three movies. Still, starring in a movie and actually being the star are two different things. Or it can be!

For these movies, Marta Etura really does bring all that is need to deliver a stellar performance. If you’ve watched other Spanish genre movies such as the insanely creepy Sleep Tight (2011), then you’ll recognize her. Still, if you’ve never seen her in anything before, she should make an impact.

Another key character in The Legacy of the Bones is portrayed by Itziar Aizpuru. If you’ve watched the Spanish Netflix thriller Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City, then you’ll recognize her as well. Also from that same movie is Manolo Solo.

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Finally, actors such as Paco Tous (Money Heist), Francesc Orella (Mirage on Netflix) and Leonardo Sbaraglia (Pain and Glory) are also part of the cast. Overall, this new thriller on Netflix really does have a very strong cast of amazing Spanish actors!

Watch The Legacy of the Bones on Netflix now!

All three movies in this Spanish trilogy are directed by Fernando González Molina and written by Luiso Berdejo. To horror fans, the name Luiso Berdejo might ring a bell. After all, he co-wrote the screenplay for [REC] with Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza. It was as “Luis Berdejo” but it’s the same guy. He has worked with Paco Plaza on several projects over the years.

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Of course, all three movies are based on the trilogy of novels written by Dolores Redondo. The film rights for the trilogy were acquired by the German producer Peter Nadermann and the film adaptation began a few years after the final book came out in late 2014.

Peter Nadermann was also the producer behind Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series featuring the Lisbeth Salander character. Just as it was the case with the Lisbeth Salander movies, the main character in the Baztán trilogy is a tough woman who fights for everything she wants. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, then check out The Legacy of the Bones on Netflix now!

The Legacy of the Bones is out on Netflix from April 17, 2020. 


Director: Fernando González Molina
Writers: Luiso Berdejo, Dolores Redondo (novel)
Stars: Marta Etura, Carlos Librado ‘Nene’, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Alicia Sanchez, Benn Northover, Eduardo Rosa, Francesc Orella, Imanol Arias, Itziar Aizpuru, Patricia Lopez Arnaiz


A year after solving a series of murders, detective Amaia is faced with a related mystery in the Baztán Valley that ends up hitting very close to home.

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