Osmosis is a new Netflix sci-fi series from France. Season 1 is just 8 episodes and the concept is both intriguing and terrifying. Perfect for fans of Black Mirror. Check out our Season 1 review to find out why you should watch it on Netflix now!

Osmosis is a new Netflix series in the Sci-Fi genre. It’s a French production and season 1 is just 8 episodes so it’s a quick binge-watch. If you want to avoid subtitles then there’s a dubbing alternative. As always, I recommend sticking with the original language. The overall quality is simply much better.

The concept takes matchmaking and data mining to a whole new level. And yes, it’s every bit as intriguing and terrifying as you could imagine. It feels like an episode of Black Mirror has been developed into a spin-off series.

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Without spoiling the new Netflix series for you, we’ll use this review to explain why Osmosis is definitely worth watching!

Fans of Black Mirror should love Osmosis

The setting for Osmosis – along with the plot itself – feels like something directly out of Black Mirror.

More specifically, Osmosis feels like a hybrid of the Black Mirror episodes San Junipero (Season 3, Episode 4) and Hang the DJ (Season 4, Episode 4). Well, that and the overall dread of our beloved sci-fi horror anthology.

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In Osmosis, the storyline begins with the creation of a dating app. Or rather, it’s more of a “find your soulmate”-app. Very literally! The app was developed by the sister and brother duo, Esther and Paul Vanhove, and a few others are part of running the company.

In episode 1, we’re introduced to the company and the purpose of the app. Once episode 2 begins, however, we get more information on how and why it was created. We also find out how Billie (Yuming Hey) came onboard.

Osmosis: Season 1 [Netflix] Review

Extremely intriguing characters

While the concept of Osmosis is very interesting and fascination in itself, the characters are what keeps you engaged and intrigued. The sibling duo of Esther (Agathe Bonitzer) and Paul (Hugo Becker) works really well, but so does the cooperation with the “Osmosis” team members.

Billie will no doubt be a fan favorite as well as confuse many with an androgynous character. First-time screen actor Yuming Hey portrays Billie absolutely perfectly.

Also, Gaël Kamilindi is an old friend of Paul’s who is on board with building the app but remains a bit skeptical about pushing it out too fast.

After all, we are talking about an app that needs an implant and nanobot roaming around the brain of its user to work.

Finally, we have all the test subjects who are trying out the Osmosis app. Even though there are only 12 of them, they are obviously very different and span gender, race, and sexuality. You will no doubt find a favorite character to follow but I actually enjoyed following all their storylines.

Watch season 1 of Osmosis on Netflix now!

Osmosis was created by Audrey Fouché who also wrote several episodes of the fantasy horror series The Returned (org. title Les Revenants). Of course, this show was later remade as in the United States as The Returned and this could easily happen for Osmosis as well. 

The story is insanely universal (isn’t love and horror always?!) and versions of this plot could be remade for shows all over the world. This could be a new Netflix success if audiences are ready to watch this French series. 

And yes, I will state this just once more; If you like Black Mirror then please don’t miss out on this new Netflix sci-fi series. Osmosis is a tight concept with gorgeous production quality and an awesome cast.

I definitely want to see this show continue for more seasons – and making more versions set in other countries wouldn’t hurt.

Osmosis is out with Season 1 on Netflix from March 29, 2019.


Creator: Audrey Fouché
Cast: Hugo Becker, Agathe Bonitzer, Lena Lapres, Haviland Stillwell, Viktor Klépal 

Plot for Osmosis

In near future Paris, a dating app matches singles with their soulmates by mining their brain data, but decoding true love comes at a price. 

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