MY BLOODY GALENTINE on TUBI is a new thriller that plays out like a horror-comedy and goes all-in on being campy. This works for it, but a runtime of 1 hour and 42 minutes is too much. Read our full My Bloody Galentine movie review here!

MY BLOODY GALENTINE is a new TUBI Original. While labeled as a thriller on IMDb, it plays out much like a classic horror comedy. The characters are all over-the-top and the whole kitsch and campy vibe is very much a choice.

Kudos to the filmmakers and cast for this. I like and applaud when a movie goes for a spoofy style instead of trying to make a silly story serious. The downside of this TUBI Valentine’s Day movie is that it’s too long. A good 20 minutes could’ve been cut to make a strong 80-minute movie rather than this 102-minute runtime.

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Valentine’s all about the gals = Galentine’s

My Bloody Galentine begins when our leading lady, Jadyn, is dumped shortly before Valentine’s Day. Not only that but she has just left the US to take a job in London, where her boyfriend lives. She begins her new job at GLOW the day after the break-up and has a breakdown in the middle of a meeting about the upcoming Valentine’s Day event.

Her new co-workers Brandi and Alex help her pull herself together. Especially as they’ve also just been dumped and point out that men always do this. It even has the name “Valentine’s Day clean-out” which is when they dump their girlfriends just before the big day of love.

Their boss wants to support them and decides that this year, the event will be all about girls supporting each other. She names the event “Galentine’s” and thus we have the idea behind the title. Because yes, it will get bloody as the three recently dumped women wonder: How can we feel better about getting dumped just before Valentine’s Day?

The answer for our three ladies in My Bloody Galentine’s is (of course!) revenge!

However, their brand of revenge does not include murder. Instead, it’s of the more embarrassing kind, which is quite entertaining. However, the fun and comedic revenge plans set in motion tend to somehow end in their exes later turning up dead. Clearly, a deranged killer – one with a radiant skin complexion – is behind the murders!

My Bloody Galentine – Review | Tubi Horror Thriller

The cast of this alternative Valentine’s Day movie

The lead role of Jadyn in My Bloody Galentine is portrayed by Ella-Rae Smith. She’s someone you might recognize from Harlan Coben’s The Stranger or maybe the horror movie Seance (2021). For me, she delivers a solid performance in this alternative Valentine’s Day movie on TUBI, but not the most interesting.

Instead, her two “partners in crime” are much more interesting. Admittedly, the characters are also more over-the-top or a lot more down-to-earth and relatable.

The first one is Brandi and she’s portrayed by Cassie Clare (The Sandman, The Irregulars). I loved her crazy and unapologetic attitude, which is too much, but works in this campy movie. The second one is Alex and she’s played by Miriam-Teak Lee. She’s done a lot of voice work previously (and theater), but I hope to see her on-screen more!

Also, I do have to mention their boss, Dominique, who is portrayed by Victoria Ekanoye (Coronation Street). She delivers perfectly on the kitsch stereotype of a boss who wants to be friends with her employees. Also, Kwaku Mills as the assistant Tristan, is perfect as the catty male employee up for the same job as the fierce Brandi.

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Traci Hays is the director of My Bloody Galentine and she certainly has experience making these kitch revenge-themed movies for TUBI. I mean, her previous TUBI Original was Bloody, Sweat and Cheer (2023), which I haven’t watched, but now I just might.

The screenplay comes from Eliza Hayes Maher, who is also an actor and (so far!) has more credits for acting than writing. As a screenwriter, her feature film debut was with the 2023 TUBI Original movie Deadly DILF, followed by another TUBI thriller titled Dress for Success before this alternative Valentine’s Day genre-mix movie.

As mentioned earlier, this Valentine’s Day horror-comedy movie is too long, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out. Especially for anyone recently single or just anyone who loves the over-the-top style of campy movies!

My Bloody Galentine is on TUBI from February 13, 2024.


Director: Traci Hays
Writer: Eliza Maher
Cast: Ella-Rae Smith, Cassie Clare, Miriam-Teak Lee, Victoria Ekanoye, Kwaku Mills, Andira Crichlow, Sam Barrett, Carl Spencer


When three women plot revenge on their exes after they are dumped before Valentine’s Day, their attempts to get even turn deadly.

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