STRANGER IN THE WOODS is a new survival thriller with quirky characters and a few twists along the way. If you enjoy psychological and violent thrillers, you’ll like this one as well. Read our full Stranger in the Woods movie review here!

STRANGER IN THE WOODS is a survival thriller that offers interesting backstories and characters that surprise. You may guess a few of the twists, but when a movie is this entertaining, I’m fine with it.

Besides, the twists aren’t what stays with you; The characters are! All of them in different ways, but some leave a much bigger impression. And yes, we are talking impressions of the terrifying kind.

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Stranger in the Woods (2024) – Review | Survival Thriller

A weekend getaway turns dark

Stranger In The Woods is about Olivia (Holly Kenney) and where she is in her life. She’s a woman who is trying to recover from a traumatic event. Or rather, a few traumatic events, but you’ll find out the details of those as the story evolves.

To try and get better, her friends are taking her on a weekend getaway trip to the woods. Specifically, a “cabin in the woods“-type of getaway, which sounds like a horror movie in itself. In any case, the place is fine and belongs to a friend, Sam (Brendin Brown), in the group. Or rather, his family and the person looking after the place is his brother.

The brother, Clayton (Teddy Spencer) lives in the cabin next door. As right next door, so when everyone is out on their respective porches, they’re pretty much having their morning coffee together. And yes, the brother is exactly as “Cabin in the Woods”-horror movie creepy as you’d expect.

Of course, looks can be deceiving… but rarely that deceiving. And huge kudos to Teddy Spencer for breathing life into Clayton. While he is scary as hell, we also get to see other sides of the character. More vulnerable sides… though he is still scary!

In any case, Olivia’s dog vanishes, and she begins to suspect that someone is out to get her. With her fragile state of mind after the traumas she endured recently, her friends are nervous for her. However, things evolve and escalate in a way that results in a fight for survival for them all.

Stranger in the Woods (2024) – Review | Survival Thriller

A thriller for Valentine’s Day

With the release date being on Valentine’s Day, Stranger in the Woods could be a movie many will watch on this day of love and romance. If you’re contemplating watching a new thriller or horror movie for Valentine’s Day, Stranger in the Woods could be a solid choice.

Mostly, however, if you’re recently single and happy to be so. This movie will remind you that not being in a relationship isn’t the worst thing. On the other hand, the story also features a very happy couple, so there’s that.

As a survival thriller, Stranger in the Woods offers both the darker side of “love” and a lot of hope for what it can be. If you’re in the mood for something truly romantic (yet still in the horror and thriller genres), I would recommend that you (also!) check out Cellphone. Ignore the stupid title and get ready for a heartbreaking love story… and horror!

Watch Stranger in the Woods on VOD

Stranger in the Woods is directed by Adam Newacheck and was produced by his brother Kyle Newacheck (via Newacheck Brothers). As a producer, Kyle Newacheck has been working on the What We Do in the Shadows series since 2020.

The screenplay for this new survival thriller comes from Holly Kenney. Yes, the very same Holly Kenney who portrays the character of Olivia, the one struggling to survive. As mentioned earlier, the mystery and twists can be guessed, but this also means that it comes across as believable and realistic.

Overall, this new thriller has a lot going for it. From the cast to the story to the overall pace and directing, I really enjoyed this movie. With a few extra surprises along the way, this could easily have been at 4 out of 5. In other words, I’m very excited to see what the filmmakers come up with next.

Stranger in the Woods is out on VOD from February 14, 2024. 


Director: Adam Newacheck
Writer: Holly Kenney
Stars: Holly Kenney, Brendin Brown, T.A. Spencer, Devon Stewart, Paris Nicole, and Radek Antczak


Stranger In The Woods is about a woman who goes on a weekend getaway trip to the woods with her friends in hopes of recovering from a traumatic event. But when her dog vanishes, their sanity unravels, leading to a chilling fight for survival.

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