UNSEEN on Netflix is a new crime and thriller series from South Africa. There are six episodes and a very strong story in this. It’s actually a remake of the Turkish Netflix series Fatma which I loved. Definitely worth checking out. Read our Unseen series review here!

UNSEEN is new Netflix series in the crime, drama, and thriller genres. Mostly, it’s all about our lead character trying to survive. This series is from South Africa but it’s based on the amazing 2021 series Fatma from Turkey. And yes, we did also review a movie recently with the same title that this Netflix series has been given. The two stories are in no way related.


The awesome survival movie Unseen where the title has to do with eye sight >

This remake has six 45-minute episodes and it’s just as intriguing and intense as the original series. And this is coming from someone who really enjoyed the Turkish series. Plus, they’ve managed to also cast the lead role perfectly here. If they hadn’t then this story just would not work. It’s all about the cleaning woman who sees everything but goes unseen herself.

Continue reading our Unseen series review below. Find all six episodes on Netflix from March 29, 2023.

The unseen women of the world

If you’ve watched the original Turkish series on Netflix already, then the core story of this South African series will be familiar. However, moving the setting to South Africa has added some new layers that make it relevant on its own terms. Also, they speak (mostly!) English in this remake, which will surely make it appeal more to English-speaking viewers.

In Unseen, we meet Zenzi Mwala who plays the title role (the series could’ve been called Zenzi just like the original was Fatma). She’s portrayed by Gale Mabalane (Blood and Water) who does an excellent job. Zenzi is almost timid as she fades into the background while doing her job as a cleaner.

Also, she is struggling to survive while constantly being under attack from all sides. Both in terms of financial problems and actual physical threats. She’s not looking for trouble, but trouble sure seems to find her.

Unseen – Series Review | Netflix South Africa

Zenzi never gives up

While Zenzi is pushed to her breaking point, she is one fierce human being in that tiny frame. When her back is to the wall, Zenzi never gives up or backs down. Something the people pushing her is about to discover. Before episode 1 is over, she will already have killed people.

Not that she sets out to kill anyone, mind you, but they do force her hand quite a lot. Well, at first anyway.

Gail Mabalane breathes exactly the right kind of life into Zenzi, just as Burcu Biricik did to Fatma in the original series. And yes, I do keep mentioning the Turkish series because I found it to be brilliant.


Our review of the Turkish Netflix series Fatma here >

Obviously, I wasn’t alone in this as there’s now a remake. And there could easily be made more. The story of those we don’t really see, but who sees so much of our lives, is a very universal one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that everyone is cruel or bad in their actions toward Zenzi.

Quite the opposite, some people can be kind and helpful, but several of those people still don’t really see her as a person. They see her as a victim of circumstance which is better than trying to take advantage of her, but she still goes truly unseen. And then there are the people who actually see her for the strong and amazing person she is. You’ll find out who they are as well.

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This Netflix series remake was written by Daryne Joshua and Travis Taute. All while obviously being based on the series Fatma created by Ozgur Onurme with Ahmet Vatan as the story editor. Daryne Joshua and Travis Taute also worked on the Netflix series Blood & Water (2020-) so they’re no strangers to working on a series for Netflix.

Plus they wrote the 2014 short film Nommer 37. This then became the 2018 movie Number 37 (org. title: Nommer 37), which we reviewed here >

As I read the plot for Unseen, I felt it sounded familiar (but isn’t that often the case), but didn’t know it was a remake. When I saw it open with “Based on Fatma” I immediately knew what kind of story I had in store. Fortunately, this South African remake did not disappoint. Whether you’ve watched the Turkish original or not, I would highly recommend watching this one!

The Unseen series is on Netflix from March 29, 2023.


Creator: Based on Fatma by Özgür Önurme; Adapted by Travis Taute and Daryne Joshua
Directors: Travis Taute, Rolisizwe Nikiwe, Twiggy Matiwana
Writers: Sean Drummond, Meesha Aboo, Tristram Atkins
Cast: Gail Mabalane, Brendon Daniels, Hein de Vries, Waldemar Schultz, Vuyo Dabula, Ilse Klink, Colin Moss, Mothusi Magano, Abduragman Adams, Shimmy Isaacs


A nondescript house cleaner desperately searches for her husband as a shadowy conspiracy dredges up past tragedies and ultimately drives her to murder.

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