MRS. SERIAL KILLER is a new Netflix movie from India. Honestly, the title alone should be enough to get your attention. Also, it’s basically a horror-comedy done Bollywood style! That means it’s over the top and just crazy. Read our full Mrs. Serial Killer review here!

MRS. SERIAL KILLER is a new Netflix movie from India. Netflix does actually have some very good Indian productions – such as Ghouls – and some less than good. The latter category would include one of the most recent additions which almost felt like a spoof of Mike Flanagan’s awesome Netflix movie Hush.

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Anyway, you can continue reading our Mrs. Serial Killer movie review below to find out which category this Netflix movie belongs to.

Serial killer movie from India

As always with movies produced in India, Mrs. Serial Killer does contain a lot of spoken English. In other words, don’t let any kind of language barrier keep you from checking out productions from India. Also, let’s be honest, the title alone should be enough to get you very curious about this movie!

And yes, this Netflix movie is actually about a serial killer. The actual plot of the movie, however, is more about the suspected serial killer’s wife trying to prove his innocence. The logic being that the only way to get her husband out is to find the real serial killer – or simply show that the serial killer is still active.

What would you do to save someone you love from being convicted of a crime?

My guess is that you probably wouldn’t go as far as the wife in this movie. Then again, what do I know?! We all have our own moral compass and beliefs.

Mrs. Serial Killer – Netflix Review

Horror-Comedy from Bollywood

Let’s just get a few things straight; This is not actually a scary movie. Yes, it is about a serial killer and it does have some moments of pure horror. I mean, when we hear about the crimes and when we see a body suspended at one point.

However, for the most part, Mrs. Serial Killer is exactly the kind of movie you’d expect from its title. It’s kitsch and campy and probably best described as a Bollywood-style horror-comedy or even a horror spoof.

The characters are totally over-the-top and it never takes itself too seriously. There’s more soap opera than crime thriller elements in this movie. Also, the color scheme is like something out of the Suspiria playbook. Just as the Netflix movie Ánimas did a few years back.

For the record, the visual style is actually pretty damn gorgeous and serves to highlight the Bollywood campness of this movie.

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This new Netflix movie from India was directed by Shirish Kunder and I’m not familiar with anything he has worked on in the past. However, he does look like a long-haired version of M. Night Shyamalan when you look at his IMDb profile picture (click here to go to his IMDb page). The resemblance is just an added fun detail to me!

I wouldn’t exactly call Mrs. Serial Killer a good movie per se. However, I would call it a very entertaining movie for the most part. It has a soap opera-like quality. The characters tend to be very black and white in their approach to most things. Also, there is drama, thrills, and murder from beginning to end.

What more could you ask for from a serial killer movie? Well, a lot in my opinion. If you’re looking for a good serial killer movie, then please do yourself a favor and check out The Plagues of Breslau on Netflix. It’s grossly overlooked because it’s Polish, but it is damn good! So is the new Netflix serial killer mini-series Reckoning which takes place in California.

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On the other hand, as some mind-numbing entertainment, this movie does work fairly well. Also, it’s pretty funny in some strange way. I think most of the comedy in it was un-intended, but that doesn’t keep it from being part of what makes it worth watching.

Then again, Bollywood is all about the big emotions, so maybe it’s very much intentional.

Mrs. Serial Killer is out on Netflix worldwide from May 1, 2020.


Director: Shirish Kunder
Stars: Jacqueline Fernandez, Manoj Bajpayee, Mohit Raina


When a doctor gets jailed for a string of shocking murders, his loyal wife sets out to commit a copycat crime to prove his innocence.

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