GET IN is a horror-thriller on Netflix. The movie is from France (org. title Furie) and the plot involves squatters invading the home of a family. It’s inspired by real events which should make it more creepy. However, this movie isn’t good at all. Read our full Get In review here!

Get In is a new movie on Netflix. This horror-thriller is from France (org. title Furie) and the story is inspired by real events. While this might sound like a weird sequel to Jordan Peele’s Get Out, the two movies have nothing in common.

Also, the official plot of this movie sounds very different from what you’ll actually watch if you decide to check this out on Netflix. However, I really wouldn’t recommend that you do.

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Home invasion horror

The plot of Get In revolves around a family returning from vacation to see that squatters have moved into their home. This concept is super creepy, but it isn’t actually what this movie is about. In fact, the creepy people in this movie aren’t the squatters. They’re a bunch of idiots who the husband of the family somehow befriends.

Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds!

I am actually a big fan of home invasion horror movies. Or, to be exact, they really seem to get to me, so they work. Certainly in the sense that I don’t want to turn off the lights at night after watching a good horror movie in this subgenre. A movie like The Strangers (2008) is a perfect example of this. Also, Mike Flanagan’s Hush was another good one.

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With Get In, we’re dealing with something entirely different and while it’s supposedly based on real events, I don’t know which parts of the story this refers to.

Get In – Netflix Review

Get In on Netflix has the worst final scene

While Get In takes a good long time to really get to its main plot, you’ll probably be left wondering what exactly you’re watching. Mostly, you’ll see a husband much older than his wife, who continuously acts like a spoiled teenager whenever things don’t go his way.

I get that this can be frustrating and the situation is awful, but still… storming off, again and again, gets old real fast,

Around the time that we get into the final twenty minutes of the movie, things change drastically. Basically, we go from a drama of sorts and heads directly into torture porn. And then there’s the final scene that plays over during the credits. I mean, WTF?!

This movie was boring and the main character irritating, then it became strangely gratuitous in ways you don’t really need at that point. Finally, the characters are generally unlikeable and the final scene of Get In on Netflix is simply gross and grotesque.

The main character is portrayed by Adama Niane, who might be familiar if you’ve watched the French serial killer series La Mante on Netflix. In this movie, Adama Niane portrays a character that annoys me to an extreme degree. Parts of this are surely intended, but I’m sure some redemption was supposed to occur.

Well, it didn’t in my book!

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Get In was directed by Olivier Abbou who also co-wrote the screenplay. This is hardly Abbou’s first production, but the most relevant to this new movie is probably the horror-thriller Territories from 2010.

Olivier Abbou wrote the screenplay with Aurélien Molas, who came up with the story as well. Aurélien Molas has worked mostly on TV series (such as Red Creek) prior to working on this feature film. The two also worked on the TV series Maroni, les fantômes du fleuve (2018) together. Abbou directed and co-wrote with Molas as the creator of the series.

I definitely expected something very different from this movie based on its official plot. Whatever I may have expected, this movie just isn’t good. The characters are all stereotypical and unlikeable while the plot moves and at a snail pace (and in weird directions) before heading straight into torture.

And then there’s the ending of Get In… yeah, it’s a big ol’ “no thanks” from me!

Get In is out on Netflix from May 1, 2020.


Director: Oliver Abbou
Writers: Oliver Abbou, Aurélien Molas
Stars: Adama Niane, Stéphane Caillard, Paul Hamy, Eddy Leduc, Hubert Delattre, Marie Bourin, Mickaël Sabah


When he returns from vacation and finds his home occupied by squatters, a family man is caught in a conflict that escalates to terrifying heights.

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