LESSON PLAN on Netflix is a new Action-Thriller from Poland (org. title: Plan lekcji). It has a crime plot and stars a sort of Polish Jean-Claude Van Damme type. You’ll be seeing a lot of fights. Read our full Lesson Plan movie review here!

LESSON PLAN is a new Netflix action-thriller with a crime plot. It’s a Polish production (org. title: Plan lekcji) which means a high production quality. However, unlike other Netflix productions from Poland, this one isn’t very deep or realistic. Instead, they’ve opted for a stereotypical 1990s style.


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You’ll know within the first five minutes if this is something you’re in the mood for. It was not to my liking at all, but I absolutely recognize that many others will have a blast with this. Perfect hang-over movie since the plot is very simple and quite predictable.

Continue reading our Lesson Plan movie review below. Find it on Netflix from November 23, 2022.

Macho testosterone display

Lesson Plan is truly a display of macho stereotypes and feels like a spoof. We’re talking crazy testosterone-driven scenes that you can predict from a mile away. Complete with the brooding hero, which includes the murder of a loved one.

Oh yeah, you’ll even get a scene of kneeling down in the rain, crying out!

Other than that, we’re talking fight scene after fight scene and cringe-worthy one-liners. This is the kind of thing you’d joke about, but could also enjoy if you’re in the mood for something that you don’t have to try and “figure out”.

There is nothing to really discover, despite this also being a crime thriller (with a lot of action scenes). Everything will be served to you on a silver platter before it ever gets too far.

Lesson Plan – Review | Netflix Action-Thriller

Even the fight scenes are pretty boring

If Lesson Plan had been a little more charming or tongue-in-cheek, it could’ve worked for me. Just like the Jean-Claude Van Damme movies did back in the last century.

The quality of this production makes it better than the B movies, you might expect this storyline from. However, the actual storyline of Lesson Plan might actually be even weaker than those classic action B movies.

Hell, I grew up watching Jean-Claude Van Damme and loving it. However, while the fight scenes in this movie appear to be inspired by his movies, they are quite boring. Equal parts slow and predictable and just one after another.

You can watch Lesson Plan on Netflix now!

The director of Lesson Plan (org. Polish title: Plan lekcji) is Daniel Markowicz while the screenplay was written by Daniel Bernardi. The two also worked on the 2021 Netflix movie Bartkowiak which – if you’ve watched it – gives you a good idea of what to expect.

My ultimate take on this new movie is; You can watch Lesson Plan and just have fun with it. But to me, it was almost too tasteless for that. I mean, even the very final scene that plays out as the end credits began was so tone-deaf and cringe-worthy, it actually made me roll my eyes (again!).

As it stands, this Polish Netflix movie is just a boring blip in my movie-watching history. Which is much less than I’d ever expect from a Netflix production from Poland. But hey, you can’t win every time and maybe I just had my expectations set too high.

Give it a shot, if you’re in the mood for mindless action. Just don’t expect anything more than that!

Lesson Plan is out on Netflix from November 23, 2022.


Director: Daniel Markowicz
Writer: Daniel Bernardi
Stars: Piotr Witkowski, Jan Wieczorkowski, Antonina Jarnuszkiewicz, Nicolas Przygoda, Daniel Namiotko, Rafal Zawierucha, Zuzanna Galewicz, Pascal Fischer, Marcin Bosak, Roma Gasiorowska


While grieving the deaths of his wife and best friend, a skilled fighter uses his talents to help a group of students at a troubled inner-city school.

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