LA CHICA INVISIBLE on Hulu is a new crime series from Spain. It has lots of thriller and mystery elements as well – as any good crime story would. You get eight episodes with runtimes between 30 and 45 minutes. Read our La chica invisible series review here!

LA CHICA INVISIBLE is a new Hulu crime series from Spain. The original Spanish series is inspired by the successful book trilogy of the same name by Blue Jeans. The series has lots of thriller and mystery elements as the story of one murder turns into a serial killer story.

All eight episodes of the series are being released in one go. As the series already aired on Disney+ in Spain back in February, it only makes sense. It’s a very classic crime story that offers plenty of twists and turns along the way. Some of it feels a bit forced, but overall it’s certainly worth checking out.

Continue reading our La chica invisible series review below. Find it on Hulu from May 16, 2023.

So many secrets

La chica invisible begins with the murder of 17-year-old Aurora (Marta Vallés). She essentially plays the title role, so while she’s murdered, we get her story in flashbacks. The very same flashbacks help reveal how everyone has secrets.

Aurora is murdered at the only high school during Cárdena’s local festivities. In other words, everyone is out and about, but few are paying any real attention.

Two investigations are essentially happening at the same time. One is the official investigation by Civil Guard Lieutenant Miguel Ángel (Daniel Grau). The other is a very informal one by his daughter Julia (Zoe Stein). She went to school with the victim. Eventually, father and daughter put the puzzle together and embark on a journey full of twists and turns, clues, and traps.

The fact that everyone always seems to have something to hide makes the investigation difficult. However, their secrets may have nothing to do with Aurora’s murder. Unfortunately, everyone is just so focused on themselves, they get in the way of finding the truth.

Having said that, I called one huge plot twist during the opening sequence. And yes, obviously, it was there for me to see, so kudos to the series for that. Also, it speaks volumes that many will miss it.

La Chica Invisible – Review | Hulu Crime Series

The cast of the Hulu series La Chica Invisible

La Chica Invisible – and yes, the original Spanish title is used internationally – stars Daniel Grao and Zoe Stein as father and daughter caught up in solving the murder that happens right when the series starts. Daniel Grao (Perdida, Julia’s Eyes) portrays the police investigator, so it makes sense that he would be involved.

Zoe Stein (Mantícora) plays his daughter Julia who went to school with the girl found murdered. In fact, she was murdered on school property. She gets much more involved than she should, but she also clearly has an eye for details.

In other key roles, we see Rebeca Matellan (Intimacy), Pablo Gómez-Pando (Feria: The Darkest Light), Javier Córdoba, Marta Vallés, and Hugo Weizel.

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La Chica Invisible was written by Carmen López-Areal, Marina Efron, Antonio Hernández Centeno, Ramon Tarrés, and Ian de la Rosa. It’s described as “inspired by the successful book trilogy of the same name” which was written by Blue Jeans. Behind this pseudonym, we find Francisco de Paula Fernández.

It was directed by Tito Lopez Amado (3 caminos) and Artiz Moreno (Advantages of Traveling by Train). Executive produced by Pedro Uriol, who also produced the Netflix series Diablero and movies such as The Warning/El aviso and Below Zero/Bajo Cero.

As mentioned earlier, La Chica Invisible has previously been released on Disney+ in many countries, including its native Spain. All eight episodes are out now and it is definitely a binge-worthy series if you enjoy a nice crime mystery.

La Chica Invisible is out on Hulu from May 16, 2023.


Directors: Tito Lopez Amado, Artiz Moreno
Writers: Carmen López-Areal, Marina Efron, Antonio Hernández Centeno, Ramon Tarrés, Ian de la Rosa
Cast: Daniel Grao, Zoe Stein, Rebeca Matellan, Pablo Gómez-Pando, Javier Córdoba, Marta Vallés, and Hugo Weizel. It was written by Carmen López-Areal, Marina Efron, Antonio Hernández Centeno, Ramon Tarrés, Ian de la Rosa


A father and daughter involved in the investigation of a murdered teenage girl in the picturesque fictional town of Cárdena, set in Andalusia. The two are forced to put their differences aside and to succumb their tense relationship in order to solve the murder case rocking a supposedly peaceful town, where all inhabitants are suspects.

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