Diablero is a new Netflix Horror show set in Mexico City. It features lots of demons and has some pretty cool effects. It also has a nice touch of comedy which might not be for everyone. Season 1 is on Netflix now!

Diablero is a new full-blown horror series on Netflix. Season 1 has 8 episodes and you can gauge the style pretty well from episode 1. The story features a quirky demon hunter, a priest, and a woman with superhero-like abilities.

It might sound like the beginning of a joke, but Diablero starts out with a scene that is pure horror. Seriously, any horror fan should love the opening sequence which features a bad-ass mother trying to defend her daughter in their own home.

From this scene, I was hooked!

And while I do always love a good horror-comedy, I must admit that I actually prefer the darker parts of Diablero. Okay, to be fair, I also like the crazy moments, but the story just shines more for me when it goes really dark.

Elvis is a demon hunter

The demon hunter in Diablero is called Elvis. This alone is a little nugget of comedy gold simply because his job and name don’t seem to match. However, he does have the sideburns to work the name “Elvis”. His actual hair is another story.

Elvis is portrayed by Horacio Garcia Rojas. If you’re watching Narcos: Mexico on Netflix, you’re already familiar with him. In Diablero, his character is kind of a quirky loser but also a good guy.

I mean, he is a demon hunter, so he does help mankind. 

For the record, “Diablero” are the demon hunters working to help mankind. In the past, angels fought the demons to keep a balance, since there’s an angel for each demon. But now the angels have given up on us. That’s why it’s up to other humans (The Diablero) to save our souls.

This little tidbit is explained right off the bat and honestly, who can blame the angels. It seems fair enough!

Also, Horacio Garcia Rojas manages to create a very intriguing and likable character with Elvis the Demon Hunter. He also seems to think it’s fair that angels have left us to our own devices. 

Diablero – Season 1 (2018) Review | Netflix series

The Demonic Superhero and a Fallen Priest

Along with Elvis the Demon Hunter, we also have a Fallen Priest and a Superhero, who uses Demonic powers to fight. I know, it really does sound both a bit silly and very awesome. It definitely has a comic book feel to it. And it works!

The Priest is played by Christopher Von Uckermann. He’s the son of a Mexican father and a Swedish mother and is a bit of a pretty boy. Of course, he doesn’t want to believe in demons at first, but he quickly changes his mind. Why is it that those who actually work for and with religion are the last to acknowledge that Evil is as real as Good? 

The Superhero-like character, Nancy, is portrayed by Giselle Kuri. She has the most bad-ass introduction in episode one and you should love her from that moment. Just you wait and see, Giselle Kuri should get plenty of new horror roles after Diablero.

Also, since she does turn into a demon-like creature quite a lot, she has some of the darkest scenes. She should be a fan favorite. Among horror fans anyway!

I should also mention Fátima Molina, who plays the sister of Elvis. She’s very instrumental in gathering the demon-fighting team in Diablero. Both Fátima Molina and Giselle Kuri previously starred in the Telemundo telenovela La Doña.

Yes, Diablero is in Spanish

This new Netflix show is in Spanish, but for some reason, it seems that Netflix has set the default language as the dubbed English version. For this reason, many seem to think that the show is in English. It is not!

You simply need to change the language setting to the original Spanish. Once you do this, you will also notice that the lips seem to match the words spoken much better. Also, it sounds a lot better.

Anyone who wants the best experience should never choose to watch a dubbed version. Unless you can’t read, subtitles should always be the default for watching something in a language you don’t speak.

Otherwise, you’re settling for something lesser than you could and should be experiencing.

Watch season 1 of Diablero on Netflix now!

The series is based on the book by Mexican writer Francisco Haghenbeck entitled El Diablo me obligó. Season 1 of the Netflix horror show consists of 8 episodes, so it’s a pretty quick binge-watch.

If you’re in the mood for something dark, yet funny, then give it a try. It’s definitely entertaining and switching between being like The Exorcist and Gremlins or The Evil Dead.

Just be ready for a little bit of everything and enjoy the ride!

Season 1 of Diablero is out on Netflix worldwide from December 21, 2018.


Directors: Rigoberto Castañeda, José Manuel Cravioto
Cast: Christopher Von Uckermann, Horacio García Rojas, Gisselle Kuri, Cali DiCapo, Jason Her, Quetzalli Cortés


A supernatural fight between good and evil unfolds on the colorful streets of Mexico when a priest enlists the help of a crew led by a legendary demon hunter.

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