Knock Knock features some scenes that are eerily realistic and creepy, while others fall just a bit too flat. Overall, it’s well worth your time if you set your expectations accordingly.

Knock Knock is definitely not without a few issues. So, let me just get it out of the way and start by saying that I wanted Knock Knock to be better than it is.

I really like Keanu Reeves (always have), but in Knock Knock he just does not deliver in some scenes. In other scenes, he is absolutely mind-blowing when he really lets it all out. In other words, it’s not like I’m saying he ruined the film or anything.

Just know, that he is not the reason you should watch this movie!

Lorenza Izzo is the star of Knock Knock

I have no problem saying that I think Lorenza Izzo is the true star of Knock Knock. She is insanely scary and so damn spot-on in delivering lines with speed and wit.

I found myself being truly impressed and agreeing with the crazy woman!

Maybe it’s a female thing, but I honestly don’t think so. Or maybe it’s just that her husband, Eli Roth, is the writer-director of Knock Knock and he brings out the best of her wicked ways. Roth also directed Lorenza Izzo in The Green Inferno and I have to say, I hope this is a trend we can expect to continue in Roth’s future films.

The third party in the main cast is Ana de Amas, who plays Bell. She’s the girl that is perhaps most persistent in trying to tempt Evan (Keanu Reeves). Ana de Amas is very convincing as the Lolita like character and I’d say she’s the one, who’s truly most messed up. Which makes it pretty sad at the same time.

And it would seem that Amas and Keanu Reeves enjoyed working together since they’ve already finished yet another movie, Exposed, which hit theaters in the US and UK in January and February 2016 respectively.

Knock Knock (2015) Review

Director Eli Roth

Getting back to Knock Knock director Eli Roth, he does have a way of creating crazy situations and plot-twist in his films.  He directed and co-wrote such films as Hostel and Cabin Fever (which has just been remade for no sane reason).

Also, he did the aforementioned The Green Inferno, which I think most people would define as all being pretty over the top. And I love it! The script for Knock Knock was written by Eli Roth himself along with his The Green Inferno co-writer Guillermo Amoedo and his Aftershock co-writer Nicolás López (who also directed Aftershock).

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But really, this is a remake of the 1977 Death Game. If you’ve seen the original, then keep your eyes out for Colleen Camp, who has a beautiful little cameo in Knock Knock.

Maybe the problem with Knock Knock is that it’s not crazy enough. Or rather, maybe it’s that I don’t really feel sorry for Keanu Reeves’s character at any point.

Oh, I can relate to wanting someone out of your house, but other than that, I think he put himself in a crappy situation. I was more worried about the cute french bulldog throughout the movie! But Lorenza Izzo? Now she was one bad-ass woman on a mission.

Knock Knock is out on Blu-Ray and DVD now!


Director: Eli Roth
Writer: Eli Roth, Nicolás López & Guillermo Amoedo
Cast: Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, Ana de Armas


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