House of Deadly Secrets is a new horror thriller on Netflix. And yes, it may feel like a TV movie, but it’s one of the better. Worth your time!

House of Deadly Secrets is out on Netflix now and the horror thriller is definitely worth your time. Sure, it does feel like a TV movie.

Also, it originally has the French title of La maison de secrets. Yes, the title is the same in French and English, so no further clues there.

Please, don’t let any of these things stop you from checking out this little treat on Netflix. Just set your expectations accordingly and enjoy the camp feeling.

Not the biggest mystery

While House of Deadly Secrets is a mystery of sorts, it’s not really that difficult to guess plot twists ahead of time. But that’s actually okay since it’s the journey to those reveals that makes it entertaining.

This is very much thanks to the cast of this movie. All the actors give wonderful performances that fit this sort of campy TV movie style perfectly. It does feel like a Lifetime movie but in a good way. Yes, there is such a thing!

Full disclosure: This is a lot more thriller and camp than it is horror. But really, isn’t that the case with many of the iconic and classic horror movies. It’s not about jump scares and being terrified.

Instead, it’s about entertainment and the dark corners of the human heart and mind.

House of Deadly Secrets

The brilliant Patty McCormack

Even though I feel the entire cast is worthy of acknowledgment, the real star is Patty McCormack. She portrays the friendly old lady neighbor. But, of course, she’s so much more!

Still, what I loved about her character is the fact that she could be so much more. Even as you discover her hidden sides (and talents), she’s still friendly.

Imagine if we’re talking about your favorite grandma type. Now, just imagine that someone is out to hurt something or someone she loves. That’s when grandma can turn into more of a Sarah Connor. And I love that!

Patty McCormack is a veteran actress, who was even nominated for an Academy Award back in 1956 for The Bad Seed. In other words, she’s the real deal when it comes to classic horror actresses.

House of Deadly Secrets

Just give it a chance

While the story is simple and you’ll guess elements ahead of time, the journey is a trip. Just give this movie a chance and you’ll be rewarded with very decent entertainment. Director Doug Campbell certainly managed to deliver on that part.

Personally, this movie opened my eyes to Patty McCormack. I’ll certainly be sure to check out any movie that has her in the cast.

Also, the story in House of Deadly Secrets has some awesome scenes and dialogue. Especially from the perspective of a woman. Screenwriters Bryan Dick, Andrea Canning, and Elizabeth Stuart have managed to include some gems throughout this movie.

House of Deadly Secrets is available on Netflix in most countries now!


Directors: Doug Campbell
Writers: Andrea Canning, Bryan Dick, Elizabeth Stuart
Cast: Patty McCormack, Angie Patterson, Violet Hicks, Philip Boyd, Diane Robin


A single mother and her daughter look forward to a fresh start in their new house, but they find danger lurking in and outside the home.

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