HOSTS is a new British horror movie. Not to be confused with the Zoom-horror megahit Host on Shudder. However, this one also has a lot of murders and supernatural elements with efficient horror elements. Read our full Hosts review here!

HOSTS is a new British horror movie that takes place during a Christmas dinner. It’s low-budget but with filmmakers like this, the budget was clearly no problem.

This is a hardcore horror movie in terms of blood, violence, and murder. Mostly, however, it’s a solid horror movie that works thanks to brilliant timing and a very eerie feeling.

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Horror fans will definitely enjoy Hosts!

At first, Hosts is all about introducing the characters; A family of five and their neighbors (a young couple) getting ready to have Christmas dinner together. It’s classic family shenanigans with the two older “kids” returning home for Christmas.

They’re in their 20s but acting like five-year-olds when they’re together. Something many families (or definitely siblings) will probably recognize.

Nothing really seems weird or off at first, but then something changes. Just a small event that we don’t know too much about. However, when the young couple arrives for dinner at the neighbors, we can see that something is definitely off.

This is when things begin to get scary as hell real fast. I cannot commend the eerie vibe and delicious creepiness enough. Horror fans will revel in these elements and should definitely enjoy Hosts!

Hosts (2020) Horror Movie Review

A mostly unknown but stellar cast

I should mention that while everyone in this cast does an excellent job, the young couple really has some fun angles to work with and get the most out of it. When the woman, Lucy, starts whispering, I was both intrigued and terrified. Lucy is portrayed brilliantly by Samantha Loxley who really gets a lot out of this character.

The husband, Jack, is portrayed by Neal Ward and the two really do work wonderfully as a loving couple. And also, as homicidal maniacs with absolutely no empathy.

The family hosting the dinner is also full of wonderful character portrayals by the actors. The father is played by Frank Jakeman who looks and really sounds like the late Bob Hoskins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) which took me for a loop at first. The mother is all heart and played as such by Jennifer K. Preston.

Finally, the youngest son was a strong performance by Buddy Skelton. The two older siblings were played very believably (as any sibling will know) by Nadia Lamin and Lee Hunter (Vikings). Especially Nadia Lamin is clearly perfect for horror movies – a classic final girl in many ways (no, that’s not a spoiler – just a description).

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Hosts was co-directed by Adam Leader and Richard Oakes. It’s based on a story they both came up with and the screenplay was written by Adam Leader. This is the first feature film for Richard Oakes and the first directing credit overall for Adam Leader.

They will continue their co-operation for their next movie Dirge where Nadia Lamin, who co-starred in this movie, will also co-write the script. Along with (of course) co-starring once again. Neal Ward (Jack in Hosts) will also be in the next movie. And yes, it is a horror movie yet again!

For the record, this movie has nothing to do with the Zoom-horror megahit Host on Shudder. Two movies released soon after one another with similar titles is always a challenge. Honestly, they are both very much worth watching. Hosts should please many fans of classic horror movies.

We were very close to giving Hosts a 4 out of 5, and it could just as easily have gotten this rating. Mostly, we land on 3½ due to some pacing issues along the way.

Basically, we want to encourage every horror fan to check out this movie while also acknowledging that this filmmaker duo can do even better. We are definitely here for their next movie!

Hosts will be out on Digital and Video On Demand on October 2, 2020.


Directors: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes
Writers: Adam Leader, Richard Oakes
Stars: Neal Ward, Nadia Lamin, Frank Jakeman, Jennifer K Preston, Samantha Loxley, Lee Hunter, Buddy Skelton


On Christmas Eve, an innocent couple become hosts to a malicious entity. Throughout the night they terrorise a family of five in unimaginably violent and disturbing ways. These demonic possessions mark the beginning of a worldwide supernatural takeover, and the family of five who fall victim to the first attack are the unfortunate ones to experience the start of this horrific epidemic; A dark and bloody insight on how lying to your loved ones can not only alienate them, but it can completely destroy the bonds you have with them forever.

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