THE DEVIL TO PAY is a new thriller with a brutal and tight story. One woman fights for her family with everything she’s got. A runtime just under 90 minutes makes for a very satisfying result. Read our full The Devil to Pay review here!

THE DEVIL TO PAY is a new thriller that was previously known under the title Reckoning. In fact, this is still the title when you look up the movie on IMDb. As of writing this review, anyway.

The story in this thriller has real guts and doesn’t shy away from anything! Also, the most gorgeous visuals and impressive sound which means the production value very impressive. Also, the star of this movie is Danielle Deadwyler who is simply brilliant in this.

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Danielle Deadwyler steals every scene

Whether Danielle Deadwyler is completely silent or speaking words of wisdom, she is simply perfect as Lemon Cassidy in The Devil to Pay. She steals every scene she’s in and that’s saying quite a lot since there are nothing but solid performances in this movie.

You might recognize Danielle Deadwyler from her smaller supporting role in the amazing Watchmen series from 2019. Then again, you might not, since she does look very worn-out as Lemon Cassidy. A woman struggling to keep her son healthy and safe in their home.

They live in the Appalachian mountains and the area is absolutely a character in itself. Just as Ozark has the Ozark mountains and the people living there is such an integrated part of the story that it becomes like a character.

Also starring in The Devil to Pay, we have Catherine Dyer (Stranger Things) playing a character very similar to one you should recognize from Ozark on Netflix. And I do mean that as a compliment.

Jayson Warner Smith (The Walking Dead, St. Agatha) also plays a key role along with Adam Boyer (Ozark). The always impressive Brad Carter, who you might recognize from season 1 of True Detective plays a more laidback character than usual

The Devil to Pay – Movie Review

Don’t miss out on The Devil to Pay 

The filmmaker duo Lane Skye and Ruckus Skye are writers and directors on The Devil to Pay. This is their feature film debut as directors. However, they also co-wrote the horror-action movie Becky (2020) which we highly recommend here at Heaven of Horror.

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Right now, I cannot wait for what comes next from Lane Skye and Ruckus Skye. Their storytelling already proved to be spot-on with Becky and now they’ve shown that directing is also a skill they have a solid grasp on.

Whatever comes next from them, I will definitely be ready to watch it. Hopefully, it’s in the horror and/or thriller genres, but I’ll watch it no matter what. I simply have to see what stories they come up with next!

The Devil to Pay is out at Drive-in theaters on October 2, 2020, and On-Demand and DVD on October 6, 2020. It will also be added to Netflix in the US on January 17, 2023.


Directors: Ruckus Skye, Lane Skye
Writers: Lane Skye, Ruckus Skye
Cast: Danielle Deadwyler, Catherine Dyer, Jayson Warner Smith, Brad Carter, Luce Rains, Adam Boyer, Charles Black, Parisa Johnston, Tim Habeger, and Ezra Haslam


After the disappearance of her husband, Lemon, a struggling farmer in an isolated Appalachian community, must repay her husband’s debt to the oldest family on the mountain and their murderous biscuit-making matriarch in order to save her young son’s life. Armed with only her wits and tenacity, Lemon must unravel the mysteries her husband left behind or lose everything she’s ever loved.

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