SCARE ME is a new Shudder horror movie. It’s not a horror-comedy but it does have a lot of comedy. And so many awesome horror movie references. Aya Cash and Josh Ruben are simply perfect together in this. Read our full Scare Me review here! 

SCARE ME is a new Shudder horror movie that has just two actors on the screen for most of the movie. And it’s awesome! In fact, there’s a bit of a lull in the second half of the movie, but that’s mostly because a third character comes along.

It ruins the dynamic a bit, but not before the ending comes along and brings it right back on track.

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Perfect tiny cast

Scare Me stars Aya Cash and Josh Ruben as two people who meet by chance and end up snowed in together. Well, sort of. There a power outage and they’re renting neighboring cabins so they decide to ride out the storm together. So to speak.

NO! Not in that way. Get your head out of the gutter. They obviously tell each other scary stories by the roaring fire.

Aya Cash is currently becoming a household name (or certainly face) by fans of the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys. Aya Cash plays “Stormfront” in season 2 of The Boys and she is awesome. Her character in Scare Me has the same kind of whip-smart comebacks but is also a lot more chillaxed in her approach.

In this movie, Aya Cash and Josh Ruben are perfectly believable as horror movie buffs. There are so many references to various horror movies as they try to come up with new stories to scare one another. They’re both writers, but Fanny (Aya Cash) has had success already and Fred (Josh Ruben) isn’t quite there yet!

Scare Me (2020) Horror

The ending of Scare Me

The very ending of Scare Me has so much going for it. Mind you, there is that aforementioned lull in the final half, which happens when Chris Redd becomes part of the story. His character, Carlo, is a pizza delivery guy (from Overlook Mountain Pizza, of course) and his introduction is great. He just shouldn’t stick around.

Anyway, he ultimately has to get back to delivering pizzas which leads to a really solid Scare Me ending that got the movie entirely back on track.

Also, I have to mention one other supporting character. Rebecca Drysdale is in the opening scene as Bettina and she is hilarious. She is also a part of the ending of Scare Me in a different way. Bettina (Rebecca Drysdale) is exactly the kind of character that seems very familiar in the worst (but funny-from-a-distance) ways.

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Josh Ruben is the writer and director of Scare Me as well as the star of the story (along with Aya Cash for most of the runtime). The runtime is 1 hour and 44 minutes and while I did enjoy it overall, I do think it would have been better with a good fifteen minutes left on the cutting room floor.

As a horror fan, I loved how they consistently pointed out all horror tropes as they told their scary stories. In the best ways, Scare Me is like having a discussion with your friends in the same way we saw the Scream characters have. All of the references and smart thinking in one.

You should definitely check out Scare Me on Shudder when you get the chance. This is a true treat for horror fans.

Scare Me is out on Shudder from October 1, 2020.


Director: Josh Ruben
Writer: Josh Ruben
Cast: Aya Cash, Josh Ruben, Chris Redd, Rebecca Drysdale


During a power outage, two strangers tell scary stories. The more Fred and Fanny commit to their tales, the more the stories come to life in the dark of a Catskills cabin. The horrors of reality manifest when Fred confronts his ultimate fear: Fanny is the better storyteller.

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