Whenever a horror icon from the golden horror decade of the 80’s is attached, you never know if it’s a trick to pull you in, or if it’s because there’s a decent movie to watch. In the case of Home it’s a little bit of both!

Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare On Elm Street) gets topbilling – as she should – and gives a very wellrounded portrayal of a middle class working mom, who just happens to be married to a woman now – played by Samantha Mumba, who you’ll probably know from Time Machine or her career as a singer.

Home 2016 Heather LangenkampStaying with the LGBT representation for just a beat longer, I have to say it’s pretty great to see such an inclusive storyline, where it’s simply an organic part of the plot, but without any kind of special focus. I’m used to seeing myself (to quote Ellen DeGeneres “Yep, I’m gay”) in horror movies, but usually it’s in a more camp way or to score some sexy scenes. Not that I’m complaining. Still, it’s great to see this new downplayed portrayal as well. And by two recognizable faces to boot. It works and is very natural and believable. Hell, I think I even own the shirt Heather Langenkamp wears in a few scenes. How’s that for realistic?

Anyway, moving on, I have to give credit to the entire cast, because while the plot may be a bit slow, I found all the scenes interesting because the actors all worked really well in every scene. Fun little detail: It’s easy to remember most of the character names, because all characters are named after the actor portraying them.

I have to admit, I actually really liked the plot of Home, which delivers some ‘Twilight Zone’-like plot twists and overall stays very focused. The problem with the movie – and unfortunately, it’s a big one – is the fact that it could’ve been a really great short film, but as a feature film it drags on for too long. Scenes with dialogue go on without giving us anything new or exciting and that’s never good. Especially in horror!

Still, I can’t get around the fact that any story that takes place in the comfort of your own home, and makes you feel unsafe in your deepest comfort zone, really works for me. The jump-scares hit me perfectly everytime, and I was not comfortable in my own skin! Unfortunately, while watching this movie with HorrorDiva, she remained unfazed and got bored, and for this I have to acknowledge that it’ll probably have this effect on many. For me personally, it did work really well – even if it was too long.

Frank Lin (Hysteria) directed this and co-wrote it with Jeff Lam, but without good performances by the cast, this story would not have worked for a feature film at all. It would, however, have been perfect for an episode of Tales from the Crypt or The Twilight Zone, so maybe these two could make an awesome contribution to a horror anthology or TV show.

Home is available on DVD and via VOD now


Director: Frank Lin
Writer: Jeff Lam and Frank Lin
Cast: Heather Langenkamp, Samantha Mumba, Kerri Knuppe, Aaron Hill


Carrie, a young, spiritual woman is abandoned by her missionary father and forced to move in with her mother and stepsister whose lifestyle conflicts with everything she s come to believe in. In addition to this test on her values and convictions, Carrie believes the new house possesses evil paranormal forces


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