Come on, you know you want to find out which Iconic Horror Stalker you are!

We’re gearing up for 13 Cameras, which will be out in limited release – along with VOD – on April 15. As a perfect gimmick, the creepy (and beautiful) minds behind 13 Cameras have made a little quiz for you. You know, the cute kind that helps you determine which crazy and creepy, but iconic, stalker you most resemble.

For the record, I was a very stylish classic stalker and a total horror icon: L.B. Jefferies (James Stewart) from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Don’t know if it’s wrong that I feel kinda proud that I’m the elegant stalker, but yeah, I’m totally owning it.

And honestly, when part of the description is this:

You would prefer to stay in over going out 100% of the time. When friends cancel plans, you secretly celebrate by ordering in pizza and watching The Office in your sweatpants

I have to admit, it might not be that far off… though obviously, I’d be watching something horror-related and not The Office.

Find out which Iconic Stalker you are by taking the quiz now. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you haven’t watched the trailer for 13 Cameras yet, then please, have at it:

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