FURIES on Netflix is a new revenge series from France. It’s crime, thriller, and a whole lot of awesome action over 8 episodes. You should be hooked from the very beginning. A perfect way to begin Women’s History Month. Read our full Furies season 1 review here!

FURIES is a new Netflix series from France. The genres are crime, thriller, and action, but the plot is very much a revenge-driven one. And I do like a good revenge story. This one has a lot of layers as we need to get deep into the Paris criminal underworld. We’re talking a world of Godfathers and a lot of violence.


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There are eight episodes in the season and episode 1 does an excellent job of setting the stage. What a way to begin Women’s History Month with a new series full of awesome action characters that are primarily women. Of all ages, I might add. Okay, and also quite a few interesting male characters.

Continue reading our Furies season 1 review below. Find season 1 on Netflix from March 1, 2024.

Meet the Fury

In Furies, it all begins with “The Fury”. Or rather, it begins with Lyna (Lina El Arabi). She’s a young woman doing her best to live a simple life away from crime. Having grown up in a criminal family, this isn’t as easy as one might expect. Also, having a boyfriend who is a cop, does make for quite a tricky situation.

However, when Lyna’s father is assassinated in front of her, she wants to avenge his death. I did say this was a revenge story, after all.

Getting to his killer leads her to go after the Fury.

Okay, she does have to go to prison for a while first, but she uses this time to hone her skills and get information. Once she’s out of prison, she goes looking for the Fury, which is no small task. The Fury is a Sheriff of sorts but for criminals. A peacekeeper of the Paris criminal underworld, if you will.

Before long, she’s deep into the criminal underworld, she’s spent years trying to escape. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long before finding out who the Fury is. It’s revealed before episode 1 is over, and the road to this really does make for an excellent series pilot.

Also, Marina Foïs is brilliant as the Fury and I absolutely believe that she could beat anyone.

Furies (2024) – Review | Netflix Revenge Series

A Fury isn’t born, they are made!

We do go from “Fury” singular to the title of this series, which is the plural “Furies” as there is room for more. However, a Fury isn’t born but made. Hard work, respect, and knowledge along with amazing fighting and weapon skills are required.

How else would we get all these amazing action scenes?

And they do tend to be very elegant which I absolutely love. From movies such as The Raid to Ballerina, action movies work the best for me when they feature gorgeously choreographed fight scenes.

I mean, the entire John Wick franchise has been built on that concept.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the wild explosions and a shoot-out during intense moments. But the hand-to-hand combat has always been more intriguing.

Watch season 1 of Furies on Netflix now!

Furies was created by Jean-Yves Arnaud & Yoann Legave, who both also serve as showrunners on the series. I’m not familiar with any of their previous work, but I enjoyed this production, so hopefully they’ll continue along these same lines.

Three directors are responsible for the episodes of season 1. Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (Kate) directs four episodes while
Samuel Bodin (Cobweb) and Laura Weaver each directed two episodes. Writers on the eight episodes include Mathilde Arnaud, Leonie De Rudder, France Lanot, and Claire Le Luherne.

If you enjoy amazing action scenes and a crime, thriller, and mystery-driven plot, then you’ll like Furies. Sure, some moments work better than others just like some characters are stronger (and more interesting) than others. Still, as a whole, I definitely did enjoy this Netflix revenge series.

Furies is on Netflix with the 8 episodes of Season 1 from March 1, 2024.


Creators: Jean-Yves Arnaud, Yoann Legave
Stars: Lina El Arabi, Marina Foïs, Mathieu Kassovitz, Steve Tientcheu, Quentin Faure, Jeremy Nadeau, Sandor Funtek, Anne Azoulay, Eye Haïdara


Seeking to avenge her father’s death, a young woman becomes entangled in the web of the Fury, peacekeeper of the Paris criminal underworld.

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