FATAL SEDUCTION Season 1 Volume 1 on Netflix is a steamy thriller series from South Africa. The episodes are just 30 minutes long and Vol. 1 has seven episodes, so you can binge-watch it in one go. A gorgeous production. Read our Fatal Seduction S1 Vol. 1 review here!

FATAL SEDUCTION is a new Netflix thriller series from South Africa. Season 1 is being released in stages, so we’re getting volume 1 now with volume 2 “coming soon”. There are seven half-hour episodes to volume 1, so it’s easy to binge-watch. As a series, it features a very steamy plot with a suspenseful crime mystery at the heart of the thriller storyline.


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English is predominantly spoken but several other South African languages are included. As with most South African productions. It works effortlessly and reminds us all that this country has a rich, diverse, and complicated history. Also, the production is visually stunning – both in terms of the surroundings and the cast. South Africa looks beautiful!

Continue reading our season 1 volume 1 Fatal Seduction review below. Volume 1 is on Netflix from July 7, 2023.

Crimes of the past and guilty pleasure of the present

The plot of the new South African Netflix series is something along the lines of “Married woman goes on a weekend trip that sparks desire but ends tragically”. To be fair, that’s a very accurate description of how everything begins falling apart. However, it obviously isn’t any kind of affair that makes everything crumble.

Instead, it’s all the secret and lies – some including crime, others tragedy – that creates disastrously brutal results for everyone involved.

And yes, it does get quite heavy-handed at times. Full of red herrings that you may spot as the viewer but the characters do not. Mostly because they’re already suspicious of one another.

Not many characters are completely without fault in this series. However, where some have created their own mess from the beginning, others are lured into it. And they themselves make bad decisions. I am not about taking personal responsibility away from anyone. These are all adults.

Fatal Seduction: Season 1 Volume 1 – Netflix Review

More answers in Fatal Seduction Season 1 Volume 2

While Fatal Seduction does offer a lot of answers in volume 1 of this first season, there are still a lot of unanswered questions. Especially in terms of “What happens next!”.

Friendships and families are torn apart as secrets come out.

For some, the truth is setting them free from shame and pain. However, for most, the truth is pure poison to the lives they have built up.

And Jacob is turning into Alex Forrest of Fatal Attraction with his words in the volume 1 ending.

The cast in Fatal Seduction works remarkably well even if it gets a bit soapy sometimes. That’s due to the plot and storyline, not the acting. The two are obviously intertwined, but the drama-filled storyline is the driver of the soap opera feel.

Kgomotso Christopher is a strong presence in the lead role as Nandi, who is married to Leonard (Thapelo Mokoena) but has an affair with Jacob (Prince Grootboom). As the young and attractive Jacob, Prince Grootboom manages to create a portrayal of someone who is anything but creepy.

And yet, he mixes it up skillfully towards the end of volume 1. Yes, in the aforementioned Alex Forrest-way.

Other key characters are portrayed by Nathaniel Ramabulana as the PI Vuyo, Ngelekanyo Ramulondi as daughter Zinhle, Frances Sholto-Douglas (Black Mirror) as Laura, and Rizelle Januk (Resident Evil series) as the PA Ameera.

Watch volume 1 of Fatal Seduction season 1 now!

The creator and head writer of Fatal Seduction is Steven Pillemer. He previously co-created the sci-fi fantasy Netflix series The Brave Ones. The directors of the episodes are Busiswe Ferry Jele, Zuko Nodada, Nthabiseng Mokoena, and Johnny Barbuzano with Catherine Stewart as supervising director.

With just seven 30-minute episodes and a whole lot of steamy scenes, this will no doubt be a quick watch for many. There are crime and thriller elements with stalking, murders, secrets, and lies all across the board.

Oh yeah, it’s a very steamy thriller that is all about the concept of “guilty pleasures”. Also, keep in mind from the very beginning that the title is close to the infamous Fatal Attraction for a reason. Things get dark and people do crazy things.

Fatal Seduction Season 1 Volume 1 is on Netflix from July 7, 2023.


Directors: Catherine Stewart (Supervising Director), Busiswe Ferry Jele, Zuko Nodada, Nthabiseng Mokoena, Johnny Barbuzano
Cast: Kgomotso Christopher, Thapelo Mokoena, Prince Grootboom, Nat Ramabulana, Lunathi Mampofu, Ngele Ramulondi, Frances Sholto Douglas


A married woman spends a fateful weekend away from home that ignites passion but ends in tragedy, causing her to question the truth about those close to her.

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