FANATIC is a new thriller on Netflix but it was originally a TV movie – and it shows. It isn’t worth your time unless you want to watch it ironically and have fun with it in that sense. Full Fanatic review here!

Fanatic is a new thriller on Netflix, but the plot seems old and dated. The movie originally premiered as a TV movie on BET Her back in February 2019, but with this Netflix release, Fanatic will reach a much larger audience.

The same was the case for movie like Running Out of Time and We Belong Together. If you liked either of those, there’s a good chance you could enjoy Fanatic as well.

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For most people, however, this is the kind of thriller that will have you rolling your eyes. The movie that’s perfect for a drinking game or to watch ironically while laughing with friends.

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An attempt at a serious Misery copy

In many ways, Fanatic comes across as a poor copycat version of Misery. Yes, the movie based on Stephen King‘s book which earned Kathy Bates an Academy Award.

The comparison to Misery is obvious due to the fact that Lexi is a nurse just as Kathy Bates’ character “Annie” was. Also, the rapper Dom D tries talking about how he could write more songs. Just as it was an author being trapped in Misery.

Oh yeah, there are plenty of things to compare the two. However, the storyline in Fanatic turns very “TV movie”-like and feels almost like a soap opera by the ending.

And talking about the ending of Fanatic on Netflix, it could require some explanation. Rather than doing a “Fanatic on Netflix ending explained” let’s just say that a sequel is possible with its teasing open-ended ending. Even if everyone died, this is the kind of story where everyone could suddenly turn out to have an identical twin.

Fanatic (2019) Thriller on Netflix – Review

You’ve seen it all before

If you do decide to watch Fanatic, you will quickly find that everything is very familiar. You will probably have seen it all before; The plot, the stereotypical characters and all those damn TV movie tropes!

Especially if you’ve watched We Belong Together on Netflix, which was also released recently.

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Sure, Fanatic and We Belong Together both have black actors in the cast (and premiered on BET), but that’s not what’s similar. Instead it the crazy woman and the poor defenceless man that this wild woman is threatening. The actors do what they can but they have so little to work with. It really is a damn shame!

You can watch Fanatic on Netflix

Yes, you can watch Fanatic on Netflix, but it really isn’t something I would recommend. 

Fanatic was written by Camara Davis and Paul D. Hannah while Allen Blackwell came up with the story. Both Camara Davis and Paul D. Hannah have written quite a few screenplays in the past while this is the first writing credit for Allen Blackwell.

However, just by reading the titles on IMDb you get the idea that the plots are probably similar to this one. We’re talking titles like Deceitful (2013) and Do You Know Where Your Man Is (2013) by Camara Davis. And The Cheater’s Club by Paul D. Hannah. Now, I haven’t watched any of these but based on the titles alone, I don’t think I’d ever want to. 

The director of Fanatic is Keith L. Smith and this is his first feature film after having directed two short films back in 2013. 

Fanatic is an extremely stereotypical thriller in the worst kind of way. You won’t be surprised by any of the “plot twists” and the characters are very one-dimensional. Then again, maybe this is exactly what some people will enjoy as relaxing entertainment. I’m just not one of them.

Fanatic was released on Netflix in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa on August 24, 2019.


Director: Keith L. Smith
Cast: Denyce Lawton, Hosea Chanchez, Michelle Mitchenor, Darius McCrary

Plot for Fanatic on Netflix

When a successful young rap star has an affair with an obsessive fan, his life is turned upside down when she kidnaps him.

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