The Super is a horror movie out on Netflix in the US now. It starts out intriguing enough with a good cast though Val Kilmer has many lines dubbed. However, the ending is absolutely awful. You have no idea!

The Super is a horror movie out on Netflix now and from the first 15 minutes, you’d think you were in for something good. After the next hour or so you begin to doubt this. Once the final act comes around, you know something has gone very wrong.

The title of the movie is clearly referring to Val Kilmer’s role as the super of an apartment building.

There are other supers, but Kilmer is the Senior Super. I have no idea why though since he doesn’t seem to work much and generally dislikes interacting with people. But this will be the least of your worries by the time the ending comes.

Holy dubbing, Batman

While watching The Super on Netflix, I suddenly remembered that Val Kilmer was once Batman. This seems like the kind of fun fact you tell a teenager and they look at you like you’re crazy.

These days Val Kilmer looks very unwell and his lines are so clearly dubbed. Probably related to the fact that his jaw appears to be wired shut in some way. However, he is still creepy in the most perfect way in The Super. In other words, the fact that things turn out so badly certainly isn’t his fault.

And I can’t blame the rest of the cast either since they do pretty damn good jobs. We have Patrick John Flueger (Chicago P.D. and The 4400) and Yul Vazquez (the Netflix time-loop series Russian Doll). They both play other supers in this movie.

Also, there’s Louisa Krause (season 2 of The Girlfriend Experience) who is an intricate part of the ending. For better or worse. Mostly worse, I’m afraid.

Finally, I have to mention Alex Essoe who handles the opening of the movie. This is when everything is looking very good. You should know Alex Essoe from the indie gem Starry Eyes (2014) or, more recently, the pretty cool Midnighters (click here to read our review).

The Super (2017) Review - Horror on Netflix US

What went wrong with The Super

When you look at who made The Super, it’s hard to figure out exactly what went wrong. It was directed by Stephan Rick who you might not know since he’s a German director. But he’s hardly a newbie and knows how to create something coherent.

The screenplay was written by John J. McLaughlin who co-wrote Black Swan (2010) and wrote the screenplay for Hitchcock (2012). And yet the story in this movie is exactly where the problem lies.

This final product feels like something studio execs have managed to completely mess up. The filmmakers probably had a vision (and a track record to prove they can realize it) but were ultimately forced to do as they’re asked.

Sure, this is just my theory, but if you’ve ever talked to a director working for a studio, you’ll know this dilemma. I don’t rub elbows with all kinds of directors. And yet, the few I’ve talked with have (off the record) told quite a few real-life filmmaking horror stories.

You can watch The Super on Netflix

Yes, you can watch The Super on Netflix now, but the real question is whether you should. Look, this is hardly the worst horror movie out there. The problem is simply that the ending is so damn weird.

Lines have very obviously been dubbed over to change the entire narrative of the story. Only towards the ending for all the actors, while the dubbed lines is a staple for Val Kilmer. This was also the case with The Snowman and seems to be due to illness.

Recommended reading: Check out our review of The Snowman which is another Val Kilmer movie with dubbed lines and an equally bad ending >

If you want to watch a movie where the ending will no doubt drive you crazy, then you should definitely check out The Super on Netflix. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Super is out on Netflix in the US from February 16, 2019.


Director: Stephan Rick
Cast: Patrick John Flueger, Val Kilmer, Louisa Krause, Yul Vazquez, Alex Essoe


A man becomes the superintendent of a large New York City apartment building where people mysteriously go missing.

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