Devil’s Path is a new horror movie with gay lead characters – and it is well worth your time. The horror thriller messes with your mind until the very end. It’s low-budget and has a few mishaps, but with impressive production value.

Devil’s Path is a horror movie that doubles as an LGBTQ movie. The lead characters are gay men and the story takes place in a popular cruising spot. Pretty much everything else is straight-up horror and thriller.

What I really liked about Devil’s Path is how it keeps you guessing until the very end. Like any good horror thriller, it has a plot driven by mystery. We know something is wrong, but we don’t know who or what exactly this is.

And, of course, we can’t really get to the why of it all until we know what the hell is going on. Don’t worry, all will be answered in Devil’s Path.

What is Devil’s Path?

When you hear a title like Devil’s Path it’s easy to expect a movie about demons or some other kind of supernatural plot. However, in this movie, it is very simply an actual path. More specifically, this path is in an area known for cruising, so you have a lot of men hooking up with other men.

This is not what the story is about. Instead, it’s about the fact that men have recently been disappearing on Devil’s Path. Of course, we’re supposed to suspect pretty much everyone. And you will. But mostly due to minor (or major) clues being dropped along the way.

You will quickly believe one of the two lead characters – who’ve only just met on this day – is dangerous. But which one of them, is what will keep you guessing? And maybe it’s neither. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Devil's Path (2018) Horror Review

The two leading men of Devil’s Path

While gay men haven’t really had leading roles in horror thrillers, lesbians (and bisexual women) have long been a part of horror movies. And not just as stereotypical characters. Instead, they’ve often been badass women to counter a more innocent leading lady (usually the final girl).

In Feral, we recently had an example of LGBTQ women as leading characters and with Devil’s Path, we finally get the same for men.

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Previously, LGBTQ men have often been the psychotic murderer or the stereotypical comedic sidekick. In this movie, they’re simply the ones this story is all about.

Devil’s Path is basically a story about two gay men running deeper into the mountains to get away from two men chasing them. At least, this is the story on the surface but, of course, there’s much more to it.

The two men are portrayed by Stephen Twardokus (Noah) and JD Scalzo (Patrick), and they play extremely well off each other. Patrick doesn’t particularly like Noah and there’s never anything sexual going on between these two. They’re simply in the wrong place and the wrong time.

One of the better low-budget horror thrillers

To me, Devil’s Path is definitely one of the better low-budget movies in the horror thriller genre. Not only is the production value very impressive, but the acting is also spot on. When you have these two elements in place, you just need the story to work. For me, it works for the most part.

My only real hick-up with the story is the timeline. It didn’t really work for me when all is revealed at the end of the movie. Don’t worry, it’s not like it ruins everything. Not at all! It’s more of a pet peeve that I get pulled out of the story when I come across something that doesn’t really hold up for me.

Still, director Matthew Montgomery has created a very impressive feature film debut with Devil’s Path. He also co-wrote the script with one of the stars, Stephen Twardokus, and I do hope they’ll continue working together. Both behind and in front of the camera. I would love for more horror movies to feature gay characters.

Horror fans should enjoy Devil’s Path for the survival thriller plot, so don’t worry, this is first and foremost a dark thriller. The characters just happen to be gay men. And it works really well for this story!

Devil’s Path will be out for a limited theatrical in LA March 1, 2019. And it’ll be out On Demand and on DVD from March 5, 2019.


Director: Matthew Montgomery
Writers: Matthew Montgomery, Stephen Twardokus
Stars: Stephen Twardokus, JD Scalzo, Jon Gale, Steve Callahan, Spencer Kelly, Michael van Why


Two men encounter each other on a dangerous gay cruising park trail, and quickly find themselves caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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