WORST ROOMMATE EVER Season 2 on Netflix features four new episodes about crazy and dangerous roommate situations. It’s still fascinating. Read our Worst Roommate Ever season 2 review here!

WORST ROOMMATE EVER Season 2 is on Netflix. If you thought season 1 was wild, you’ll soon realize there was plenty more where that came from.


Our season 1 review of Worst Roommate Ever which had five episodes >

Each episode is around one hour long and just when you think it’s hit a peak moment, it continues. From mental torture to actual murder attempts, these roommates are like something straight out of a horror movie.

Continue reading our Worst Roommate Ever season 2 review below. Find the four new episodes on Netflix from June 26, 2024.

Four new wild true stories

With season 2, Worst Roommate Ever returns to Netflix with more of the same. I mean that in a good way as season 1 was as fascinating as it was scary.

The four new stories are all true and we’re in true crime territory yet again.

We’ll do a quick rundown of the four new episodes and their true crime roommate case below.

“My BFF Tried to Kill Me” is episode 1 (S2E1)

The official plot: Rachel and Janie were longtime best friends turned roommates. But as Janie’s obsession with raising Rachel’s young son grew, so did her killer instincts.

Worst Roommate Ever: Season 2 – Review | Netflix True Crime Docuseries

“Housemate from Hell” is episode 2 (S2E2)

The official plot of this episode: Seeking tenants for her Palm Springs home, retiree Anita Cowen takes in charming lawyer Scott Pettigrew. Unfortunately, the arrangement takes a terrifying turn.

“Burning Down the House” is episode 3 (S2E3)

The official plot: Veteran James “Bo” Bowden moves in with his army friend’s widow, Tammy, to help care for her son and soon experiences a series of deadly “accidents.”

“The Lethal Landlord” is the final season 2 episode (S2E4)

The official plot of episode 4: A viral TikTok video sends detectives to the home of Michael Dudley. He’s a Seattle man who rented out a room to a young couple never to be seen again.

Yes, once again, a viral TikTok video is at the heart of a true crime case.

Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever is streaming on Netflix now

The true crime docu-series is back with four new episodes. It’s still a production from Blumhouse Television and ITV America. Directed by Cynthia Childs. Both Jason Blum and Cynthia Childs are executive producers.

If you enjoyed season 1 of this series, you can expect to find this second season fascinating as well. We’re talking real-life nightmares for the victims. The title “characters” are usually malevolent and often also violent in their approach.

Check it out on Netflix now and discover the source of your next nightmare!

Worst Roommate Ever Season 2 is on Netflix from June 26, 2024.


Worst Roommate Ever returns for season 2 and once again highlights harrowing tales of seemingly harmless roommates turning into real-life nightmares for their unsuspecting victims when their malevolent and sometimes violent intentions are revealed.

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