DARK DESIRE season 2 is out on Netflix now. If you liked season 1, you should be happy with this season since it’s more of the same. Thriller, mystery, drama, and a whole lot of steamy scenes. Read our Dark Desire Season 2 review here!

DARK DESIRE season 2 is on Netflix and the Mexican series (now also set partly in New York) offers more of the same. I wasn’t all that impressed with season 1 since there were so many sensual scenes that it felt like a whole “50 shades”-thing.

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In other words, if you liked season 1, you should be happy with this season since it’s more of the same. Thriller, mystery, drama, and a whole lot of steamy scenes. Many of them are in flashbacks from season 1, and this is also more of the same.

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A Netflix guilty pleasure

In our season 1 review of Dark Desire, I called it a “Netflix telenovela”. This wasn’t exactly accurate, but it wasn’t really wrong either. However, by the same definition, many Netflix series could be labeled as telenovelas. I mean, there’s a soapy quality to many of them.

If you like the story and characters, then you’re happy with it. If you don’t, then you might feel like it’s more of s soap production. Whatever we call it, Dark Desire season 2 is definitely a continuation of a deliciously guilty pleasure.

For me, I would much rather watch You (which I also compared this one to in our season 1 review). I just find that to be more to my liking.

Dark Desire: Season 2 – Review | Netflix Thriller Series

Still a high-quality production

Season 2 of Dark Desire is still all about mystery and betrayal. We see a murder (or a very bloody pool with a body in it, in any case) in the first scene of episode 1. And just like in the first season, everybody seems to be double-crossing someone.

If you need a season 1 recap, then you have to seek it out. It is on Netflix in the “trailers and more” section, but the first episode of season 1 does not begin with the recap.

As already stated, season 2 is definitely more of the same in many ways. Obviously, this is good since the series was so popular that it received a second season. I’m just still not that impressed. Especially, because the amount of sensual scenes and steamy moments just gets in the way of the story.

Watch Dark Desire Season 21 on Netflix now!

Dark Desire (org. title Oscuro Deseo) was created by Leticia López Margalli and she has definitely created a hit series with this one. Also, the seasons are very long. Season 1 had 18 episodes and season 2 has 15 episodes. Most Netflix seasons have between 6 and 13 episodes, so this is definitely outside the norm.

However, the episodes are all under 40 minutes, so they’re not that long. However, they still use a lot of flashbacks and that takes up more time than strictly necessary. That’s probably my biggest issue with this Mexican Netflix series. The waste of time due to flashback upon flashback.

From the very first episode, season 2 of Dark Desire proves that it’s bringing more of what made it a success: A lot of sensual scenes (which also still keep returning as flashbacks). But hey, I can understand why. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Season 2 of Dark Desire is out on Netflix worldwide from February 2, 2022.


Creator: Leticia López Margalli
Cast: Magali Boysselle, Paulina Matos, Samantha Orozco, Claudia Pineda, Regina Pavón 


As Alma tries to rebuild her life, a reunion with Darío rekindles their doomed affair and brings his more sinister side to the surface.

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