HOMICIDE: NEW YORK on Netflix is a new True Crime docuseries from the creator of Law & Order. The season has 5 episodes and is extremely binge-worthy due to the cases and production. Read our Homicide: New York review here!

HOMICIDE: NEW YORK is a new Netflix documentary series with five episodes in this season. We’re in true crime and the creator is none other than Dick Wolf of the extremely successful Law & Order series. Rarely has one show lasted so long and been turned into that many spin-off series.

While I was initially a bit annoyed with the many different camera angles on the persons interviewed (a pet peeve of mine), I completely forgot to notice just a few minutes into episode 1. In other words, this true crime production is so intriguing and well-made that it didn’t matter to me. That says a lot.

Continue reading our Homicide: New York review below. Find all five episodes on Netflix from March 20, 2024.

Dick Wolf’s True Crime take on Law & Order

Homicide: New York is probably best described as a true crime take on all the popular cop and crime shows. Or, as it’s stated in the press material: This is Dick Wolf’s Real-Life Law & Order. And it most certainly does describe this new Netflix series very accurately.

Not only are the retired police detectives talking about their unforgettable cases very interesting and telling fascinating stories of their careers, but it is also extremely binge-worthy. Episode 1 ends with one of the police officers stating that the case covered in Episode 1 reminded her of another brutal case years earlier.

I got literal goosebumps as the camera led us onto a subway train and showed us the year we were leaving to move us to the next case in the previous decade.

Also, the police officer’s name was Barbara Butcher. How cool is that?! Actually, all the police officers interviewed for this true crime docuseries are very direct and honest, which I really enjoyed.

They didn’t even hold back when speaking very honestly about getting into trouble with the Police commissioner.

Homicide: New York – Review | Netflix True Crime Docuseries

Every Homicide: New York episode has a horror movie title

The Homicide: New York Netflix docuseries is revisiting some of the city’s biggest cases. We experience the cases via the officers who solved them. Also, we tend to hear from family and friends of the victims, which is equally important to me. In episode 1, there is even a survivor, we hear from. Very important!

This first season has five episodes and it is extremely binge-worthy. As a horror fan, I found it impossible not to notice that every single episode of Homicide: New York had a title that sounded like a horror movie.

Let’s just quickly go through the titles and official case descriptions of each episode below.

“Carnegie Deli Massacre” is episode 1

A shooting that left three dead and two injured in an apartment above the iconic Carnegie Deli sends detectives on a relentless hunt for the killers.

“Central Park Slaying” is episode 2

After an eviscerated body is found in Central Park Lake, a pair of unlikely suspects are implicated in the killing as shocking revelations surface.

“Vanished on Wall Street” is episode 3

An office building in the Financial District becomes a 26-floor crime scene when a beloved mother and janitor mysteriously vanishes without a trace.

“Midtown Slasher” is episode 4

The stabbing death of a successful entrepreneur remains unsolved for decades until a tenacious assistant DA and a driven detective reexamine the case.

“East Harlem Serial Killer” is episode 5

A serial killer targeting young victims in East Harlem evades police until details connected to crimes from years earlier emerge.

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This is the first season of a true crime docuseries that could easily have just as many seasons and spin-off series as the Law & Order show. Not only because this new True Crime docuseries comes from the creator of Law & Order. But rather because the next season is already on its way.

The next season will be Homicide: Los Angeles

Season 2 of this new Homicide: [Insert City] series is coming later this year. It will be Homicide: Los Angeles, but clearly, you could make seasons for every big city in the US. Or the world. And you could go from homicide to kidnappings or robberies or… take your pick!

This new Netflix true crime docuseries could very easily become huge for the streaming platform. If the production quality and documentary style of this first season is the standard, I really look forward to the upcoming seasons. Especially the focus on victims and their loved ones as well.

Homicide: New York premieres on Netflix on March 20, 2024.


Detectives and prosecutors revisit their most challenging homicide cases in this chilling true-crime docuseries from the creator of “Law & Order.”

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