D.B. COOPER: WHERE ARE YOU?! on Netflix is a new true-crime documentary series in four parts. It’s part about the unsolved mystery of his identity, but also about those obsessed with finding answers. Read our full D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! docu-series review here!

D.B. COOPER: WHERE ARE YOU?! is a new Netflix documentary series with just four 45-minute episodes. In other words, it’s a quick watch and you should expect to get hooked on it. Mostly because it has two distinct focuses.

One is the unsolved mystery of the identity of hijacker D.B. Cooper. The other is about the “Cooperites” obsessed with finding answers. Both parts are interesting, but since the case is still officially unsolved, the most interesting part of this Netflix docu-series becomes the latter.

Continue reading our D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! docu-series review below. All four episodes are out on Netflix from July 13, 2022.

Who was D.B. Cooper and what did he do?

D.B. Cooper was the hijacker who managed to get away with $200,000 when he parachuted out of a Northwest Airlines passenger jet in November 1971. He was never found and neither was the money. Well, a small amount was actually discovered by a strange coincidence which is just one small part of this elaborate mystery.

Or rather, D.B. Cooper was supposedly the name he gave on the ticket for the flight he went on to hijack.

Except, it wasn’t.

D.B. Cooper is not the name he gave. It was “Dan Cooper”. However, someone from the press overheard the name “Dan Cooper” as “D.B. Cooper”. Basically, this mystery man isn’t even called by the fake name he gave. He’s known by the name someone thought they overheard.

The mistake was quickly noticed, but the name D.B. Cooper was just cooler and so, this is what stuck. Yet another detail of this great mystery that is largely kept alive by people who appear to become truly obsessed with the case.

D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! – Netflix Review

Just hang in there and go with the flow!

At first, this Netflix docu-series almost seemed like somewhat of a hack job. Now, stay with me, because this is all part of the journey. We see a group of people working on the cold case of figuring out who D.B. Cooper actually was. Except, they also seem to have already made up their mind and twist every fact, detail, and “evidence” to fit this.

You sit back and watch this and think: This feels weird, wrong, and very forced! Just like watching prosecutors in cases where they’ve already decided who the killer is; Ignoring all facts that point away from “their guy” and twisting everything else in their favor.

Then we start to hear from other people and get some perspective. This is when it gets really interesting for me because now it makes sense again. We hear both from those with other theories and those who have become fascinated with the whole concept of so many people calling themselves a “Cooperite”.


A Cooperite is someone who is obsessed with finding the true identity of D.B. Cooper (who actually gave the name “Dan Cooper” on his ticket). Part hobby and part identity, they have formed a community of sorts.

Usually, these Cooperites have their own theories and so there are many internal battles and very harsh words in this community. There is even a “Cooper Con”. And yes, the typical Cooperite is a white man. Sometimes a white woman. All of them seem to think he was a hero!

For me, the most interesting thing was hearing from those who look at this concept (of citizen sleuths and Cooperites) from an anthropological standpoint. Most obsessed with the case are busy saying everyone else is obsessed with it. And those on the outside just look at them and go “You’re all kind of obsessed!”

Watch D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! on Netflix!

Marina Zenovich is the director of D.B. Cooper: Where Are You? and she has done an amazing job. Presenting facts and allowing people to form their own opinion based on who you believe – or don’t! Marina Zenovich has made several great documentaries – most recently HBO Max’s The Way Down: God, Greed and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin.

Tom Colbert is probably the main focus of this docu-series since we begin by hearing his theory. And also usually hear other people react to both him, his process, and his theory. The identity of D.B. Cooper is still not confirmed and probably never will be.

Though many “Cooperites” would have you believe that it actually is. In fact, some blame everyone from the FBI to the CIA – or even aliens – for keeping it a secret. The identity of skyjacker D.B. Cooper remains one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

Is it really so important? Well, seriously, the man stole $200,000 and no one was hurt. I’d say serial killers like “Zodiac” (another case mentioned towards to end of this docu-series) are a lot more important to solve the identity of. Or various missing person cases or changed identities.


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And yet, this case is fascinating. Personally, I’d like a whole docu-series that deep dives into who it could have been.  Particularly the trans woman, Barbara Dayton. It would be so awesome if she was the one who pulled this off! if she was, then I get the whole idea of feeling like the skyjacker was a hero!

Many have been named as suspects, but in this Netflix series we focus mostly on just one (due to Tom Colbert’s theory), so it’s hard to say much about the evidence pointing to others.

All four episodes of D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?! are on Netflix from July 13, 2022.



The series looks at the 50-year quest to find the mysterious man who hijacked a Northwest Airlines passenger jet in November 1971 and escaped with $200,000, never to be seen again. Five decades. Few clues. Too many suspects. The identity of skyjacker D.B. Cooper remains one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

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