CUBE on Screambox is a Japanese remake of the iconic sci-fi horror movie by Vincenzo Natali. And yes, he is also on board this one as a producer. It’s a fairly close remake but with a few twists along the way. Read our full Cube (2023) movie review here!

CUBE is a new strong Screambox addition. Many horror fans will already know the original 1997 movie which is a Canadian horror classic in its own right. Seeing a Japanese remake is a nice twist. Personally, I never mind remakes as they can bring something new to the table.


The 2023 remake of Last Shift is titled Malum and by the original filmmaker >

Sometimes it’s as simple as an evolution in special effects and budget, while other times, it’s to put a new cultural spin on a good story. In the case of this remake, it’s mostly the latter as the actual setting is very much as in the original. And yes, the original filmmaker Vincenzo Natali is a producer on this remake, so he’s still involved.

Continue reading our Cube (2023) movie review below. Find it on Screambox from April 11, 2023.

Japanese remake of Canadian cult classic

Just to manage your expectations; This Japanese remake of Cube (full org. title: Cube: Ichido haittara, saigo) does not bring much new to the table. Nor does it need to, but if you expect a crazy J-Horror version of the 1997 Canadian cult classic horror movie, you should consider yourself warned.

I was perhaps most surprised – or irritated really – that his Japanese remake had just one woman in the cast. She barely speaks a word and has very little screen time. In fact, it seems no one is really bothered with her as she moves around a bit in the background.

The original has two women – portrayed by Nicky Guadagni (Ready or Not) and Nicole de Boer (Range Roads) – and in this remake, there’s only the female actor Anne Watanabe. And yes, the last name does come from her actor father, Ken Watanabe (Godzilla II: King of the Monsters).

Cube (2023) – Review | Japanese Horror Remake

Not as crazy as expected

In a surprising twist – to me anyway – this Japanese remake is almost neater and less bloody than the original. I was surprised by this as Japanese horror movies can be very brutal. A few of them have infamously resulted in people getting sick or fainting in theaters. Such as the 1999 horror movie Audition (org. title: Ôdishon) by Takashi Miike.

Of course, had this Japanese remake been made by Takashi Miike, it probably would have included some crazy new scenes!

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve watched the original Cube movie, then you know the “challenges” they come across have very physical consequences. And, of course, not everyone will make it in this movie.

Watch the Japanese Cube remake on Screambox

Yasuhiko Shimizu is the director of this Japanese remake of the iconic sci-fi horror movie by Vincenzo Natali. The writer of the adapted screenplay is Kôji Tokuo. Vincenzo Natali still gets credit for the original screenplay that this 2023 Screambox release is based on. That’s only fair as the two movies are very closely related.

As already mentioned, Vincenzo Natali is also on board in a more current role as an executive producer. 

If you loved the original Cube movie, then you’ll definitely want to check out this one as well. Sure, it doesn’t offer much new, but again, it makes sense that a Japanese remake of a Canadian cult classic would stay true to the original. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just appreciate and honor it, which is exactly what this remake from Japan does.

Japan’s CUBE Remake will be out as a SCREAMBOX Original on April 11, 2023. Also, it will be available on VOD platforms via Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting from this day.


Director: Yasuhiko Shimizu
Script: Kôji Tokuo
Cast: Masaki Suda, Anne Watanabe, Masaki Okada, Takumi Saitoh, Kôtarô Yoshida, Hikaru Tashiro


A group of strangers wake up in a mysterious room inscribed with an unfamiliar code. Looking for ways to escape, they discover the room is riddled with lethal traps. As fear and distrust swirl around them, the group must work together to survive the sadistic maze.

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