BEEF on Netflix is a new series that is all about anger and revenge. Mostly how it ends up hurting yourself. Ali Wong and Steven Yeun are perfect as the stars of this very dark dramedy. It begins with road rage and gets crazy from there. Read our Beef Netflix series review here!

BEEF is a new Netflix series with 10 half-hour episodes and it is extremely binge-worthy. Ali Wong and Steven Yeun star in this revenge story that begins as simple road rage and evolves into all kinds of craziness. The way it escalates is both extremely wild and eerily believable in an organic and natural way.

Also, the supporting cast is simply brilliant. While many characters might seem a bit over the top, they’re easily strangely familiar. That’s when dark comedy is done right; Taken to the edge, but never really crossing it. There are ten episodes in the series and I’ve watched them all for this review. I simply could not stop!

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You’re in for a wild ride!

On paper, Beef might seem like a simple dark comedy. Or a drama and comedy hybrid. And it absolutely is. However, it’s also very much a revenge story and those are right up our alley here at Heaven of Horror. We cover horror, thriller, sci-fi, and true crime. Beef definitely has elements of both horror and thriller at times, but even feels dangerously like true crime.

I mean, it begins with road rage which is a very real thing. Something far too many people experience. Either as those who get angry or as someone who has witnessed it firsthand. Whether as a spectator or the target.

In this Netflix series, the 30-minute-long episodes help to make it all feel very fast-paced and urgent. There’s a constant rush to keep moving. Both in terms of the revenge story and life in general. Everyone is in a hurry and most people also tell you to relax and calm down. Two things that can’t really co-exist and which then results in crazy stress for many.

The fact that the episodes in Beef will begin exactly where the previous one left off, helps keep this intensity ongoing. Well, except sometimes when there’s a time jump of some sort. Also, it does play with the audience by doing things you would not expect. Not out of character and irrelevant to the story. Just another crazy layer to both!

One example is including a scene that feels straight out of Everything Everywhere All at Once. As an obvious tribute, of course.

Beef – Netflix Series Review

I want more Ali Wong and Steven Yeun

I’ve adored Steven Yeun from the time he was on The Walking Dead. On to him making all sorts of movies from the Netflix movie Okja (2017) and Jordan Peele’s Nope (2022) to Burning (2018) and Minari (2021) where he speaks Korean quite a lot.

And still, I don’t think I’ve seen him this good and versatile. Though he was, of course, brilliant in his Oscar-nominated Minari role. One minute, you feel for him. The next he exasperates you as you roll your eyes thinking “Idiot!”. Well, not Steven Yeun himself, obviously, but rather his character, Danny Cho.


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The same goes for Ali Wong, who I’ve known mostly for her stand-up comedy. However, I’ve also really enjoyed watching her in productions like the Prime Video series Paper Girls, and a movie like Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2020). In this Netflix series, she plays the character Amy Lau.

Amy Lau is a very successful business owner (and founder) who is on the cusp of making it big by selling her company. However, she is also fairly miserable and everyone seems to think she’s had it easy when it’s been years of non-stop work.

It should be noted that everyone in Beef manages to both be very unlikable and someone you either relate to or feel for. People are flawed and complex and continuously f*ck it all up for themselves.

Watch the Beef series on Netflix!

This new revenge series on Netflix was created by Lee Sung Jin. He previously worked on series such as Dave and Silicon Valley which both earned him some award nominations for writing. He did also co-write the made-for-TV horror movie Mothman so the darker side of storytelling is also familiar to this writer.

Lee Sung Jin also directs an episode himself while other directors include Hikari (HBO Max series Tokyo Vice) and Jake Schreier (Brand New Cherry Flavor).

In Beef, we also see brilliant portrayals of quirky and stereotypical supporting characters. Most of them focus either on “keeping up an appearance” to get rich fast or they no longer have to because they’re crazy rich already.

In these roles, we see actors such as Maria Bello (Lights Out), Joseph Lee (Searching), Ashley Park (Emily in Paris),  Young Mazino, Justin H. Min (The Umbrella Academy), and Patti Yasutake. To name just a few!

I really don’t want to spoil the events in Beef, and the trailer doesn’t reveal nearly as much as I feared it had. Still, I feel it has to be said that episode 9 is wild (and that alone is enough reason it belongs on this website) while episode 10 offers one of the best finale episodes, I’ve watched in a long time. One hell of a rollercoaster. And I’d gladly take the ride again!

Beef is on Netflix with all ten episodes from April 6, 2023.


Creator: Lee Sung Jin
Directors: Jake Schreier, Lee Sung Jin, HIKARI
Cast: Steven Yeun (Danny) & Ali Wong (Amy), Joseph Lee (George), Young Mazino (Paul), David Choe (Isaac), Patti Yasutake (Fumi), Maria Bello (Jordan Forster), Ashley Park (Naomi), Justin H. Min, Mia Serafino, Remy Holt (Junie)


BEEF follows the aftermath of a road rage incident between two strangers. Danny Cho (Steven Yeun), a failing contractor with a chip on his shoulder, goes head-to-head with Amy Lau (Ali Wong), a self-made entrepreneur with a picturesque life. The increasing stakes of their feud unravel their lives and relationships in this darkly comedic and deeply moving series.

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