CONSTELLATION on Apple TV+ is a new thriller series with a mind-bending plot. The series has eight episodes, and it is confusing at first. However, it does make more sense by episode 4. Read our full Constellation Season 1 review here!

CONSTELLATION is a new Apple TV+ series in the psychological thriller genre and with a touch of sci-fi. It has a very mind-bending plot that doesn’t give away much during the first three episodes, but by episode 4, you’ll begin to see the bigger picture and the connections.

Unfortunately, only three episodes are released when it premieres, so I highly encourage you to come back for episode 4. As it evolves, it becomes an action-packed psychological thriller that rewards those who stick with it. It stars Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks along with a stellar supporting cast.

We’ve watched all 8 hour-long episodes of Constellation for this review.

Continue reading our Constellation Season 1 review below. The series premieres on Apple TV+ on February 21, 2024.

A conspiracy-based space adventure

Constellation stars Noomi Rapace (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus) as Jo. I’m happy to admit this was all the information I needed. I always watch whatever Noomi Rapace does. In Constellation, she delivers a strong performance as an astronaut who returns to Earth after a disaster in space.

As soon as she arrives on Earth, something feels off. Unfortunately for Jo, this feeling only gets stronger as she discovers her life seems to be very different from what she remembers. From her relationship with her husband and daughter to where things are placed in their cupboard and even the color of their car.

It just doesn’t feel like her life. Or even the world she left behind when she went to the ISS months ago.

The best way to describe Constellation may just be by saying that it’s a psychological sci-fi thriller with a conspiracy-based space adventure plot. However, calling it a “conspiracy” isn’t entirely correct. It’s more that everyone around Jo is ignoring what she’s telling them. Even the few who should know better!

Great characters all around

I was happy to discover that this space adventure was very character-driven and had great characters at every turn. As this series is also described as being about “…exploration of the dark edges of human psychology”, it probably goes without saying that both the characters and cast need to be on point.

Fortunately, Constellation is off to a great start with Noomi Rapace (You Won’t Be Alone, Lamb, The Trip) in the lead. Also in a key role that serves as co-starring in many ways, we have Emmy Award nominee Jonathan Banks (Gremlins, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul).

In supporting roles, the great casting continues with James D’Arcy (Agent Carter, Oppenheimer) as Jo’s husband. Also, William Catlett (Lovecraft Country), Barbara Sukowa (The Swarm), Chipo Chung, and introducing Rosie and Davina Coleman as Alice. These girls are amazing!

Constellation – Review | Apple TV+ Thriller Series

Stick with Constellation and trust the process

With just three episodes released for its premiere, you’ll have to come back an additional five weeks to get the entire season. And, as already mentioned, Constellation is quite confusing at first. While I do feel that it asks a lot (even too much) of us viewers, it also rewards those who stick around.

Just as was the case with the HBO series Watchmen and Peacock’s Mrs. Davis it does reward patience. I know many people gave up on Watchmen and I almost did as well. However, more than almost any other series, it truly did get better with every episode.

Constellation isn’t quite at that level, but after Watchmen (and Mrs. Davis) taught me to trust the process, I’ve become more patient if I like the overall style and vibe. Also, Constellation has the added bonus of ending on a note that clearly teases a season 2.

Will Constellation have a season 2?

Whether or not Constellation will have a season 2 depends on how popular it is. At least to a point, there must be some thresholds that Apple TV+ decision-makers are looking at. However, it definitely ends in such a way that a second season would be much appreciated.

Also, Apple TV+ is one of the best at sticking with their series and making more seasons. Just look at Servant and Silo among many others. I do believe we’ll get a season 2 of Constellation.

With another season of Constellation, there is so much more to explore. And I want to explore this world a whole lot more. As you watch episode 8 of this first season – which is the season finale – it feels a lot like they’ve spent this season setting up the parameters and moved all the places in line on the board.

Now we [the audience] have an idea of what the hell is going on and can dive into it with the characters.

Watch Constellation on Apple TV+

Created and written by Peter Harness (Wallander, The War of the Worlds), who has managed to create an engaging and multi-layered story. In so many ways. Following one woman’s desperate quest to understand what’s going on, and expose the truth about a space travel side-effect in the process!

The series is directed by Emmy Award winner Michelle MacLaren (Shining Girls, The Morning Show, Breaking Bad), Oscar nominee Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall, Criminal: Germany), and Oscar nominee Joseph Cedar (Footnote, Our Boys). All eight episodes are strong, though they make more sense later on.

The space adventure will premiere globally on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, with the first three episodes, followed by one episode weekly, every Wednesday through March 27 on Apple TV+.

Watch Constellation on Apple TV+ from February 21, 2024.


Creator: Peter Harness
Directors: Michelle MacLaren, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Joseph Cedar
Stars: Noomi Rapace, Jonathan Banks, James D’Arcy, Julian Looman, William Catlett, Barbara Sukowa, Rosie Coleman, Davina Coleman


“Constellation” stars Noomi Rapace as Jo — an astronaut who returns to Earth after a disaster in space — only to discover that key pieces of her life seem to be missing. The action-packed space adventure is an exploration of the dark edges of human psychology, and one woman’s desperate quest to expose the truth about the hidden history of space travel and recover all that she has lost.

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