CRIMINAL: GERMANY is the German segment of the new Netflix series focused on solving crimes through interrogation. The crime series is an anthology with Season 1 covering four different countries. This Criminal: Germany review is about the three episodes in that particular segment.

Criminal: Germany is three episodes of the new Netflix anthology series Criminal. The three episodes in this particular segment take place in (the title is a real spoiler, so you probably guessed it) Germany.

Now, you may not be all that eager to watch German productions, but that would be a damn shame. One of the best things on Netflix is the German sci-fi thriller series Dark which has become a worldwide fan favorite. And now, obviously a crime series about interrogation in four European countries is nothing like Dark, but it is still damn good.

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One of the police detectives is one you should recognize from Dark where he also played a detective. It’s the actor Sylvester Groth. He plays a character not unlike the one from Dark which means he’s rather irritating.

However, an international audience will probably notice actor Florence Kasumba first since she was in Black Panther and a few Avengers movies. In Criminal, Florence Kasumba also plays a detective. Overall, the cast of regulars for Criminal: Germany is damn good! Especially Eva Meckbach is brilliant from the very first episode.

Read more about the three episodes in Criminal: Germany in our review below.

Peter Kurth is Jochen

Episode 1 of Criminal: Germany is about Jochen and features guest star Peter Kurth in the episode title role. If you’ve watched the German TV series Babylon Berlin then you’ll recognize Peter Kurth from that. The series has pretty much achieved a cult-like status so it’s a good match for this new Netflix series.

Every national segment has managed to attract some truly impressive guest stars. And the same goes for the cast regulars as police officers for that matter. Even if I didn’t care for the regular characters on Criminal: Spain. For Criminal: Germany, the cast regulars are as good as the guest stars.

Something you’ll notice from the very first episode. Also, you’ll notice that we’re still on the exact same location once again. From the beginning, this German segment is especially focusing on national subjects compared to both the UK and Spain segment. 

Beginning with the Jochen episode touching on the subject of East Germany and how things have changed in Germany since East and West were reuinited. It’s a strong story that should leave a mark with any viewer!

Criminal: Germany – Netflix Review

Deniz Arora is Yilmaz

Criminal: Germany episode 2 is about Yilmaz with Deniz Arora guest starring. However, most viewers will probably be more interested in another guest star who plays the attorney for Yilmaz Yussef. The attorney is named Marquardt and is portrayed by Christian Berkel.

You may know Christian Berkel from movies like Inglourious Basterds, Valkyrie or even Elle (2016). He’s just yet another familiar face in Criminal: Germany that keeps this segment of the Netflix series at a very impressive level.

More than any episode in Criminal: Spain or Criminal: United Kingdom, this Yilmaz episode features the main guest star in the role of an attorney. All the other episodes have the big guest star in the title role.

Also, I should mention that never before has watching someone eat a Kit Kat been more nerve-wracking. I loved it!

Nina Hoss is Claudia

The final episode of Criminal: Germany is Claudia and guest stars Nina Hoss. From the very first shot of the scene, when you first see Claudia Hartmann, you should be hooked. Nina Hoss definitely knows how to make an impression.

If you’ve been watching Homeland, you should recognize Nina Hoss since she’s played Astrid in 13 episodes of the series from 2014-2017. Also, she was in the crime thriller A Most Wanted Man which starred the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman.

In her portrayal as Claudia in Criminal: Germany, Nina Hoss should definitely make a lot of new fans. She has created one hell of a character who immediately reminded me of Aileen Wuornos. Even though Claudia’s crimes are very different from that of the infamous real-life serial killer who most will know from Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning portrayal in Monster.

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The three episodes in Criminal: Germany deliver something different from say the Criminal: United Kingdom which is exactly as it should be. Part of the true fascination of this Netflix series, is to experience the difference in culture – as well as the similarities, of course.

Since the episodes taking place in Germany are all directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel they have a very strong a definite style. Oliver Hirschbiegel previously directed award-winning movies like Das Experiment and Der Untergang.

Even if you aren’t familiar with either of those movies (which we highly recommend here at Heaven of Horror), you should still be intrigued enough to watch the German segments if you liked the UK episodes. The real strength of these episodes is the story. Each storyline is strong, has hard-hitting points, and can easily hold your attention. 

Criminal: Germany is out on Netflix with the rest of season 1 from September 20, 2019.


Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Cast: Peter Kurth, Christian Berkel, Deniz Arora and Nina Hoss, Eva Meckbach, Sylvester Groth, Florence Kasumba, Christian Kuchenbuch and Jonathan Berlin.


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