VINCENT MUST DIE is a new supernatural thriller from France (org. title: Vincent doit mourir). This movie features a fresh and fascinating plot that had me intrigued from the very beginning. Screened at Fantasia 2023. Read our Vincent Must Die movie review here!

VINCENT MUST DIE is a French thriller with a supernatural plot that could easily result in a remake. The story is very universal and feels like a strangely realistic take on zombie movies. There are no zombies in this thriller from France (org. title: Vincent doit mourir), but people behave in zombie-like ways.

Extreme rage suddenly overcomes people, but it only seems to be directed at certain people. Everyone else can feel safe. It’s so unpredictable and feels like a sort of illness but does it stem from the victims or the attackers?

Continue reading our Vincent Must Die movie review below. We’ve screened it for Fantasia 2023.

When everyone seems out to get you

Poor Vincent is just living a very calm and normal life, when people suddenly start attacking him. First, he is violently assaulted by an intern, who seems just as surprised by his own action later on. This then develops into continuing attacks by random strangers.

All kinds of people. Young and old, men and women. Even kids! Not everyone, but it’s impossible to figure out who is safe and who is potentially deadly.

They see him and get eye contact with him and something seems to happen. They get a strange stare and immediately go after him. Think It Follows, only these people are driven to walk or run directly toward him with no concern for their own safety.

Vincent Must Die (2023) – Review

The bizarre misadventure of one man

In order to survive, Vincent tries to change his own behavior and avoid all people, but that’s not so easy. Not in the long run. Also, he needs to figure out why this is happening, or he will only have a choice between being isolated forever or dying a brutal death.

Vincent Must Die has been described as “a man’s bizarre misadventure” and that’s exactly what this plot is.

The paranoia-driven nightmare of Vincent also enables actor Karim Leklou to deliver some amazing scenes. Also a few disgusting ones. As the titular character, Karim Leklou has the most screen time by far. However, Vimala Pons also becomes an integral part of the story in the role of potential romantic interest.

Yes, it seems like that might be possible.

Watch Vincent Must Die when you can!

Stéphan Castang is the director of Vincent Must Die which was exactly as good as we hoped. This was one of the movies featured on our “6 Must-Watch Movies at Fantasia 2023“. It’s no surprise that this one created quite a bit of buzz at Cannes Critic Week in May.

It has a touch of Shaun of the Dead in terms of some well-placed humor, which I really appreciated. Also, it does turn into a story that feels like it could have apocalyptic proportions. Especially if you pay attention to the news constantly playing on TV or the radio. It seems like the world has lost its mind.

It’s a very original plot, and the screenplay by Mathieu Naert results in a thought-provoking thriller. A very direct comment on the human condition and all the ways we get in the way of our own happiness and well-being. Also, it is very funny at times, so it’s not as bleak as the plot may have you believe.

Vincent Must Die is currently screening at Fantasia 2023.


Director: Stéphan Castang
Writer: Mathieu Naert
Cast: Karim Leklou, Vimala Pons, François Chattot, Karoline Rose Sun


Random strangers have suddenly started attacking the otherwise unremarkable Vincent with murderous intent. As things spiral violently out of control, he is forced to flee and change his life completely.

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