CATCHING KILLERS on Netflix is a true-crime documentary series about catching three very different serial killers. There are four episodes in season 1, so you can watch the entire season in one sitting. Read our full Catching Killers review here!

CATCHING KILLERS is a new Netflix docu-series about the investigation into three serial killers. One of them gets two episodes to tell the story. We’re in the true-crime genre and the four episodes are very interesting in different ways.


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Four episodes, three serial killers

As mentioned earlier, there are four episodes in this season of Catching Killers. The first two episodes cover just one serial killer each, while the last two episodes are about one case. Sometimes, you just need more time to tell a story right.

The three very different serial killers featured in Catching Killers are:

  • “The Green River Killer” in episode 1
  • Aileen Wuornos in episode 2
  • “The Happy Face Killer” – part 1 in episode 3 and part 2 in 4

As far as true-crime documentary productions go, this one does a lot right. Primarily by interviewing the actual detectives assigned to the case. And also by using press footage from the time of the murders (and the trial of the serial killer).

Some dramatization is used, but for the most part, it really isn’t much. Instead, it’s used in a very lowkey way to simply set the scene of the crime.

Catching Killers – Netflix Review

Another docu-series with the same title?

If you look up Catching Killers on IMDb, then it will probably send you to this page (opens in a new tab), which is a docu-series with 10 episodes.

However, from reading about these ten episodes, it seems like a very different production. Despite the fact, a Netflix trailer is placed on that page (as of writing this review, anyway). The cases covered in the newly added Netflix docu-series are very different.

In other words, don’t be fooled by the bad user reviews on that particular IMDb page. The production has nothing to do with this new Netflix addition which is actually very interesting and well-made.

This is the correct IMDb page for the Netflix docu-series Catching Killers.

Watch Catching Killers on Netflix now!

What I especially enjoyed about this production was most evident in episode 1: You saw police detectives who seemed to truly care about the victims. They wanted to find the killer to stop him (of course) but also to get justice for these victims.

Either that or these detectives deserve Academy Awards. In the Aileen Wuornos episode, the focus is a bit different. It always seems to be, when we’re dealing with her since she was one of the few female serial killers.

Also, interestingly, she was killing men, she claimed raped or abused her while working as a sex worker. And episode 1 was about a man killing sex workers. There’s a strangely appropriate balance in having these two episodes back-to-back.

Catching Killers is out on Netflix from November 4, 2021.


The investigators behind infamous serial killer cases reveal the harrowing, chilling details of their extraordinary efforts in this true crime series.

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