BLACK SUMMER Season 2 on Netflix is a brutal and dark continuation of the impressive zombie series. In many ways, this gives us everything The Walking Dead used to. Get ready because episode 1 of season 2 begins with extreme intensity! Read our full Black Summer season 2 review here!

BLACK SUMMER Season 2 is the Netflix zombie series to watch. This second season is extremely dark and there really isn’t much hope anywhere. Nobody trusts anyone – and for good reason. It seems like whenever they do decide to trust someone, death is somehow imminent.


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Season 2 also begins with an opening scene that should make an impact. In fact, all of episode 1 is a brutal tour de force, so get ready for a second season that continues with full steam ahead. For the record, there is no season 1 recap prior to the opening of this new season. You won’t necessarily need it, but otherwise, just watch a few season 1 trailers to jog your memory.

Continue reading our full Black Summer season 2 review below. We’ve watched the first three (out of eight) episodes in the season for this review.

The best zombie series right now!

For me, Black Summer season 2 proves that this Netflix zombie series is, in fact, the best zombie series right now. This gives us everything The Walking Dead used to when it was at its best. Okay, admittedly, I did enjoy the last episodes of The Walking Dead which seems to be getting back on track.

Still, with Black Summer there is no “getting back on track”. Instead, this series is going full force with all the brutality of human nature out there for us to acknowledge and relate to.

Also, Jaime King is such a badass in this series. She’s the one you’d want in your corner. And not only because she’d probably kill you if you weren’t. Mostly, because she is fair but ruthless. Again, she learned this from the events of season 1, so you can hardly blame her. In this world, you’re either fighting to survive or you’re dead.

And yes, I still adore Sun (Christine Lee) in this second season.

Black Summer: Season 2 – Netflix Review

A story told in reverse

Also, the chronology in this second season is dynamic and teasing. Almost in the way of Christopher Nolan’s awesome mystery thriller Memento (2000). The story is often told backward in the sense that you’ll see one scene and then see what happened prior to the events in that particular scene.


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The Walking Dead often opened episodes with a scene full of death or madness and then does a “Seven hours earlier” jump. With Black Summer season 2, all the episodes are part of one big time loop, in a sense.

Plus, with Black Summer we still need to keep track of many characters and places, but title cards help a lot there. This style of storytelling requires your attention and focus, but the result is really good. Whenever you wonder why a person is very aggressive towards someone else, you’ll probably understand after the next scene.

Watch Black Summer season 2 on Netflix!

Season 2 of Black Summer has eight episodes (just like season 1) and their runtime varies from around 35 to 45 minutes. Every episode seems to fly by because there is so much story to be told. We’re only three episodes in but we could’ve easily binge-watched the entire season if it wasn’t because we have a lot more screeners to go through.

Here at Heaven of Horror, we will definitely be spending the weekend watching the remaining episodes in the season.

We’ve already gone through the creators and season 1 core cast in our season 1 review of this series, so I won’t bother with that here. Instead, I will say that there are many new characters in this second season. All of which you’ll have to get to know for yourself. You never know what kind of person you’ve just met until you’ve watched a few scenes (in reverse) with them.

All eight episodes in season 2 of Black Summer are out on Netflix from June 17, 2021.


Winter comes with cold-blooded new challenges during the zombie apocalypse as frantic scavengers and violent militias battle the dead and desperate.

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