WHERE IS MARTA? on Netflix is a new true-crime documentary series about the disappearance of teenager Marta del Castillo. The docu-series has just three hour-long episodes and is very straightforward. Read our full Where is Marta? review here!

WHERE IS MARTA? is a new Netflix docu-series about the disappearance of 17-year-old Marta del Castillo. This true-crime production is very interesting in the way it tells the story from several angles. Or rather, we hear testimonies from many different sides.

Basically, you’ll be hearing from both the family and friends of Marta as well as those, who were the last to see her. Obviously, those in the latter group are the ones assumed to be responsible for her disappearance.


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The case is still unresolved!

Sorry to burst your bubble up-front, but the case of Marta del Castillo is still unresolved. That’s not to say you won’t have an idea of who was involved with her disappearance (and suspected murder). It just means that no one has been convicted. Yet.

With just three episodes in the series (each around one hour in runtime), you can watch this rather quickly. And yes, as is often the case, the police weren’t fast enough to get involved.

Despite the fact that Marta was a minor and all her friends and family started searching for her immediately.

Where is Marta? Netflix Documentary Review

Contributions from relevant people

Personally, I really appreciated that the true-crime story was told in a very straightforward way. I didn’t always understand the conclusion or logic of certain people.

However, friends, family, and police investigators probably have other elements impacting their opinion. Not all of which are shared with us viewers in this docu-series.

As a viewer, you just have to be careful that you listen to all the facts and details shared. Otherwise, you might be lured into a specific train of thought that isn’t substantiated by evidence.

Watch Where is Marta? on Netflix now!

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For anyone why appreciates an intriguing true-crime documentary that seems to focus on facts and interviewing key people (rather than just reporters who worked the case), be sure to check out Where is Marta? on Netflix.

Where is Marta? is out on Netflix from November 5, 2021.


Teenager Marta del Castillo’s disappearance made headlines in Spain. Family, friends, police and more weigh in on a case that is still unresolved.

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