SECURITY on Netflix is a thriller from Italy. The story is a rather straightforward mystery that stays interesting all the way. I expected the almost 2-hour runtime to feel long, but it never did. Fascinating  – and often flawed – characters keep it sharp. Full Security (2021) movie review here!

SECURITY is a new Netflix thriller from Italy. We’re dealing with a mystery that plays out in a rather well-off neighborhood. Everyone has security cameras but it doesn’t necessarily keep people safe. Basically, it’s intended more to protect their property. Especially since the owners aren’t even there most of the time – especially in the wintertime.

The plot revolves around a girl who has been badly beaten up. Much is caught on camera and someone takes the blame quickly, but it all feels off somehow. And, of course, it is.

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A character-driven mystery

I wasn’t really familiar with the actors in this movie – even though I know I’ve seen some of them before. However, if you’ve watched some of the other Netflix productions, you’ll know the quality of both acting and production is usually very impressive. Never mind language barriers, this story is (and the feelings involved are) very universal.


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As with most mysteries, the story in Security unfolds as we get to know the characters. I was initially a bit concerned that this Italian Netflix thriller had a runtime of just under two hours. Basically, I was ready for it to feel too slow or drawn out.

Fortunately, the fascinating and flawed characters kept it interesting. Nobody is really innocent but some people definitely carry more blame than others. Particularly the adults are to blame for a lot. Unfortunately, they’re not ready to admit this and it’s always easier to blame teenagers.

However, for the storyline in Security, those security cameras come into play. And yes, there is an element of 13 Cameras in this one as well. Constant supervision of people’s most private lives is always easy to abuse. In this movie, it’s not how you’d expect though.

Security (2021) – Netflix Review

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Security is directed by the British director Peter Chelsom (The Space Between Us) who also wrote the screenplay with Tinker Lindsay and Michele Pellegrini. The movie is based on a novel by Stephen Amidon (who also wrote “Human Capital”) and Amina Grenci is credited with creating the adaption. How these various accreditations work is a mystery to me, but the result is certainly good.

The very straightforward way of showing this mystery unfold worked well for me. Sure, we get flashbacks (mostly via security footage) but otherways the story is told chronologically. For me, the interesting characters (and solid performances by the cast of this movie) were what kept it sharp.

And while you might guess several plot points, the overall mystery stays crisp and surprising until the end.

Security (2021) is out on Netflix from June 16, 2021.


Director: Peter Chelsom
Writers: Peter Chelsom, Tinker Lindsay, Michele Pellegrini (screenplay), Amina Grenci (adaptation), Stephen Amidon (novel)
Stars: Marco D’Amore, Maya Sansa, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Valeria Bilello, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Silvio Muccino, Tommaso Ragno


After the assault of a young woman in their seaside town, a security expert and his family get caught in a powerful riptide of secrets and lies.

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