BEHIND HER EYES is a new Netflix thriller series with six episodes. The plot evolves in very interesting ways, so do stick around until the very end. This one is definitely worth watching. Especially for the intriguing characters. Read our full Behind Her Eyes series review here!

BEHIND HER EYES is a new Netflix thriller mini-series with a plot that continues to throw surprises at you. Even the things that irritated me along the way made so much sense by the end. We’ve been asked not to reveal certain aspects of this Netflix series to avoid spoilers.

We don’t do spoilers in our reviews in any case, but I want to mention (and hint) that we’re covering this series due to its genre-mix. Also, please note that the plot evolves in very interesting ways. Especially during the final half of this limited series. We’ve watched all six episodes in this limited series for the purpose of writing this review. And also, because we really enjoyed it.

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Behind Her Eyes Netflix Series Review

A different kind of love triangle

The concept of Behind Her Eyes is quite simple – on the surface anyway. A single woman, Louise (Simona Brown), begins an affair with her new boss. They meet at a bar before either know they will work together and Louise is a very single mom with a young son. While the affair has hardly come to fruition, Louise also becomes friends with the wife of her new boss.

It is very important to note that this is not due to anything sinister or deliberate from Louise. Rather she feels sorry for the woman who just moved to a new town and is clearly lonely. To her surprise, she discovers that she really likes her and their friendship.

However, as the affair with David (Tom Bateman) and the friendship with Adele (Eve Hewson) both evolve, Louise sees some troubling signs. It appears the marriage between David and Adele is full of control, distrust, and anger. While Louise is happy with David, he is anything but likable when it comes to his wife.

Wonderful cast with a stand-out performance by Eve Hewson

I have to mention that while Tom Bateman (Into the Dark: The Body) is spot-on as David and Simona Brown (The Night Manager) is real and heartfelt as Louise, it’s Eve Hewson that steals the show. This is due to both the intriguing complexity of her character Adele and the brilliant way she portrays her.

Eve Hewson is also in the series The Luminaries which stars Eva Green of Penny Dreadful. Also, yes, Eve Hewson is the daughter of U2 lead singer Bono and activist Ali Hewson. First and foremost, however, she is clearly a brilliant actor who is only just getting started!

Finally, the biggest supporting role is definitely that of Rob. He is portrayed by Robert Aramayo who you might recognize from Antebellum or Nocturnal Animals. Also, he’ll be in the upcoming Amazon The Lord of the Rings series. In Behind Her Eyes, Rob is an important part of Adele’s (Eve Hewson) backstory so we see him in flashbacks throughout the series.

Behind Her Eyes Netflix Series Review

Wait for the small (and big) twists in Behind Her Eyes

Again, we won’t do spoilers for the new Netflix series here. However, we cannot review Behind Her Eyes without noting that things change as the story develops. It happens in small ways that will twist your perception of who is good and who is bad. Also, it will force you to take a step back and try to understand the how and why of it all.

really enjoyed this because it forced me to give this series the full attention it deserves. If you half-watch this, you will miss out on way too much. In some ways, it reminded me of both The Stranger and The Haunting of Bly Manor. No, this is not a ghost story, so don’t think I’m trying to spoil you in any way here. I’m just talking about catching on to the details, as they’re revealed.

Admittedly, I was getting a bit irritated along the way. I really was! However, I never lost my curiosity while watching the story evolve and that means I was invested. Also, by the final moments of this limited series I was downright delirious with happiness. I love it when a story wacks me over the head with a whirlwind ending and Behind Her Eyes definitely did that!

Watch Behind Her Eyes on Netflix

The creator of Behind Her Eyes is Steve Lightfoot who developed the book by author Sarah Pinborough into this limited series.  Steve Lightfoot previously created the Marvel series The Punisher for Netflix. Also, he’s worked as a writer and producer on series such as Narcos and Hannibal. Basically, he has a lot of solid experience and puts it to good use for this new series.

Other than Lightfoot, Angela LaManna is a writer on Behind Her Eyes which is definitely a good thing. Angela LaManna previously worked as a writer on series such as The Haunting of Bly Manor where she wrote one episode and co-produced the entire season. Also, she worked on season 3 of Channel Zero and Hannibal and The Punisher as well.

In other words, it’s a damn strong team writing and producing Behind Her Eyes. And it shows! Also, the director of all six episodes in the mini-series is Norwegian Erik Richter Strand who has already worked on big Norwegian series productions prior to making this one.

Don’t miss out on this new Netflix mini-series. You should enjoy this one!

The Behind Her Eyes limited series is out on Netflix from February 17, 2021.

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Writers: Steve Lightfoot and Angela LaManna
Stars: Simona Brown, Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman, Robert Aramayo


Since her husband walked out, Louise has made her son her world, supporting them both with her part-time job in a psychiatrist’s office. Her world is thrown off kilter when she begins an affair with her new boss David and matters take an even stranger turn when she’s drawn into an unlikely friendship with his wife Adele. What starts as an unconventional love triangle soon becomes a dark, psychological tale of suspense and twisted revelations, as Louise finds herself caught in a dangerous web of secrets where nothing and no-one is what they seem.

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