Curve is a horror thriller that works a lot better than I expected. If you ever wanted to see a cute hitchhiker standing at the side of the road, then Curve will change that. Watch and learn!

I will gladly admit that my expectations were pretty low when I sat down to watch Curve. Fortunately, I was very pleasantly surprised. And yes, I’m sure it helps that I’ve already seen way too many horror movies – kidding, there’s no such thing!

But basically, I’m always slightly nervous whenever I drive around in a semi-deserted area. Curve did nothing to cure me of this!

It’s not that I’m afraid of psychopaths or wild animals, I’m simply afraid that the car might stop working, which is exactly what happens here.

However, the real trouble begins after Julianne Hough’s character crashes her car. And even if it might sound boring to have a movie, where 90% of the time, a woman is trapped in a car in the middle of the woods, it is anything but boring. Honestly, a big part of the credit for this has to go to Hough, who gives a great performance.

Julianne Hough is really good in Curve

Most people will probably recognize Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars, but she has also done several musicals such as Rock of Ages and the live TV event Grease. With Curve, she’s taking a giant leap away from these roles and trying on something else, which she should definitely do again.

She is natural and very realistic as a woman trapped in a really terrible situation. But sure, you will still find yourself yelling at the screen when she’s not doing what you think she ought to.

Of course, there’s also the extra element of a hitchhiker psychopath, who’s having fun tormenting her since he isn’t caught in the truck with her. And I’m very pleased to say they avoid all the stereotypical plot twists.

The Adonis-like hitchhiker is played by Teddy Sears (American Horror Story), who is channeling Ted Bundy in this portrayal. In other words, I really hope he’ll make more horror movies.

Curve review Julianne Hough

Entertaining story about survival

The story for Curve is written by Kimberley Lofstrom Johnson, who also wrote the script along with Lee Patterson. Neither of them have any previous movies on their resume, but I’m hoping they’ll be back with more stories like this.

Preferably with a solid director like Iain Softley, who directed this one. He previously made films like The Skeleton Key (2005) and was responsible for giving Angelina Jolie her first starring role in Hackers (1995).

If you’re in the mood for a good psychological horror-thriller, then Curve is definitely a good choice. It’s not a new cult horror movie – or one that’ll stay with you afterward – but you’ll be well entertained!

Curve is out on DVD, Blu-Ray and On Demand.


Director: Iain Softly
Writer: Kimberly Lofstrom Johnson, Lee Patterson
Cast: Julianne Hough, Teddy Sears, Penelope Mitchell


A young bride-to-be trying to shake a sadistic hitchhiker drives her truck off the road and ends up in a harrowing fight for survival.

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