Behind Her Eyes ​ending explained. Yes, this is all about explaining the ending of Behind Her Eyes on Netflix. If you haven’t watched this limited series yet, then stop reading and go watch it on Netflix first. Or you can read our spoiler-free review of Behind Her Eyes here >

Do you want the ending of Behind Her Eyes​ explained? There was certainly a lot to take in during those final moments. Well, you’ve come to the right place for a further explanation. We’ll go over the ending of Behind Her Eyes along with a few other details necessary to explain the ending of Behind Her Eyes which is out on Netflix now!

Warning: Since this article is all about explaining the ending of Behind Her Eyes, it is full of spoilers.

If you haven’t watched Behind Her Eyes on Netflix yet, then you should read our review of Behind Her Eyes here instead.

Behind Her Eyes ending explained

Behind Her Eyes ending explained

The most important thing you need to remember about the Behind Her Eyes ending and the main plot is that it is a supernatural story. Or rather, some might say elements are entirely possible.

The concept of soul-switching bodies has been used (though in different ways) in movies such as the brilliant Lifechanger (read our review here), the 2020 sci-fi horror thriller Becoming (review here), and Fallen (1998) starring Denzel Washington. Even episode 1 of the horror anthology Monsterland on Hulu deals with this concept.

Hell, even the megahit Get Out by Jordan Peele dealt with this concept. Albeit in a more scientific (and sinister) way.

For a more lightweight take on the concept, there’s also the 2020 horror-comedy Freaky where a serial killer switches bodies with a high school girl. He then tries to kill her (while inside her body) to stay forever in the teenage girl’s body and avoid prison.

Keep any of these movies in mind, and you’ll get into the Behind Her Eyes plot twists much easier. Now, let’s get right into it with some of the questions that are bound to be the most asked when it comes to the Behind Her Eyes ending.

Who killed Rob?

Well, technically, Rob killed his own body while Adele’s soul was trapped inside it. Rob tricked Adele, so he’s the only killer in this story.

Is Rob dead?

No, Rob is not dead in the way that matters. His body is no longer alive, but his soul transferred to Adele before his body was killed.

Is Rob a ghost?

Again, in the classic sense of the word, where a ghost is a soul that remains on Earth after the body is dead, then yes. In a more practical sense, no, Rob is not a ghost. His soul lived on in Adele’s body.

Is Adele dead?

Yes, in the sense that her soul was trapped inside Rob’s body when it died. Sort of like the classic horror rule: If your mind thinks you die, then you die. Even if your body isn’t injured.

We know this from A Nightmare on Elm Street where Freddy Krueger killed his victims in their nightmares. Even though they were safe and sound in their beds in “the real world”.

Ultimately, this Netflix series has a plot that turns supernatural about halfway through. The actual Behind Her Eyes ending is very much a supernatural horror story!

Behind Her Eyes ending explained

How did Adele die in Behind Her Eyes?

Her soul (which is the real Adele) died when Rob tricked her into trading souls “just to try it out” as part of their joint “out of body” experiences.

When did Adele die?

Her body died when Rob (now a soul in Adele’s body) purposely took a drug overdose. Her soul died many years earlier inside Rob’s body at the bottom of the well.

Is Louise possessed at the end of Behind Her Eyes?

Yes, during the final scenes of Behind Her Eyes, the soul of Rob is now inside the body of Louise.

Who killed Louise?

Rob did (while in the body of Adele). When Rob was a soul in Adele’s body, he deliberately took a drug overdose and quickly tricked Louise in the same way he tricked Adele many years ago. The soul of Louise died inside the body of Adele.

Was Adele a drug addict?

No, Adele was never a drug addict. Rob was a drug addict and continued to use drugs after he took over the body of Adele. So, while Adele’s body was subjected to drug use, it was never something the soul (or personality) of Adele took part in.

Why does Adele take pills in Behind Her Eyes?

Well, she doesn’t actually take any pills most of the time but tries to fake taking pills when David’s watching. The pills make her feel less in control, so when possible she just fakes it. She’s much more into shooting drugs, which we later learn because Rob is an addict. 

Did Adele kill her parents?

No, Adele did not kill her parents. She did blame herself for their deaths, however. A fire started while Adele was busy trying out her newfound gift for having “out of body” experiences. Her soul was far away when the fire took the lives of her parents.

Adele survived because David got her out when her body was essentially an empty shell with her soul out wandering the nearby towns.

Why does Adele paint the forest in her and David’s bedroom?

Rob has pretty much accepted that the Adele body and persona can no longer be used to be with David. Instead, Rob (as Adele) does everything possible to push David away and directly over to Louise.

Painting the bedroom and doing things to scare and provoke David are just steps in Rob’s plan.

Rob is now studying Louise. Both as Adele by becoming her friend and via out-of-body surveillance to see how Louise and David interact during their affair. Everything from sexual encounters to differences of opinion and nicknames must be learned.

After all, the end-goal for Rob is now to take over Louise (in order to stay with David). To pull off this next step, he must become completely immersed with their relationship to avoid David suspecting anything has changed.

Why doesn’t David just leave Adele?

When the body of Rob was killed (with Adele’s soul trapped in Rob’s body), David’s expensive watch was also thrown into the well. Adele (now with Rob’s soul inside her body) used this as leverage to keep David from telling the police.

Ultimately, it was also used to keep David from ever leaving her (or Rob, as it were).

Why can’t David look at Adele during sex?

The title is a big clue for this one. When David looks at Adele, he doesn’t see the woman he fell in love with because she isn’t there. It’s not Adele behind her eyes anymore. Of course, David doesn’t know it’s actually the soul of Rob behind Adele’s eyes, but he does know something is off.

Did David even really love Adele?

Yes, everything in Behind Her Eyes shows us that David and Adele were truly in love with each other. He never cared about her money or social status. Neither of them cared about this and only wanted to be together.

Ever since Rob died, which – we learn with the Behind Her Eyes ending – was actually when Adele died, David has felt something was off. At first, he probably thought it was just trauma, but really, his beloved Adele never returned to him after this event. Her body was there, but her soul no longer was.

What’s with the counting of fingers and looking at the clock?

This appears to be a form of self-hypnosis or trance-inducing activity to begin the out-of-body experience. Adele first learned how to do this and taught Rob, who ultimately taught Louise.

What were the missing pages in Rob’s notebook?

These pages probably revealed his plan to take over Adele’s life. While in the body of Adele, Rob shares the notebook with Louise who is unwittingly being prepared to be the next body-take-over victim.

Obviously, he can’t reveal the final part of his plan in the book, so those journal pages are torn out.

What are the colored lights?

The colored lights are meant to represent the souls or entities of people when they’re having out-of-body experiences.

Why are the lights different colors?

Everyone has their own color. Probably mostly to help the audience keep track of which soul, we are seeing.

However, it probably also has to do with personality and preference. Louise always wears green and has the color green featured quite heavily in her home. That’s why it should come as no surprise that her light has a green color.

When you notice the colors, you’ll also realize that the color we have seen flowing from Adele’s body throughout this limited series is actually the color of Rob’s soul. We only learn this at the very end of Behind Her Eyes.

That’s all we have for our ending explained piece for Behind Her Eyes. If you have more questions, then feel free to send them our way and we’ll do our best to update this post with more questions and answers. 

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