BAGHEAD is a new Shudder horror movie with such a great premise and cast yet it falls short of its potential. Even the runtime of 94 minutes is good. With some tweaks, it could have been great. Read our full Baghead movie review here!

BAGHEAD is a horror movie that could relatively easily have been a new cult horror movie. Hell, it could’ve been a new huge horror franchise. It still might be, but this isn’t the best start. The plot screams supernatural horror in all the right ways and the vibe is eerie and creepy in ways that get under your skin.

Yet somehow, it takes a few wrong turns or doesn’t continue down the right path and it falls short of its own brilliant potential. Sometimes, seeing a movie that could’ve been great be just okay is even worse than just watching a bad horror movie. This is not bad, but it could (and should) have been so much better!

Continue reading our Baghead movie review below. Find it on Shudder from April 5, 2024.

Perfect horror story set-up

In Baghead, it all begins when Iris’s estranged father (Peter Mullan) dies. This is when Iris (Freya Allan), who has just been kicked out of her home, learns she has inherited a centuries-old pub. It’s run-down and located in Berlin, so she goes there immediately.

Quick side note: The location of Berlin made no sense to me as everything about it screams old England. It’s a pub, of course, it feels British. The real issue is that most of the characters involved are also native English speakers of some kind. Of course, when realizing German production money is involved, there’s an incentive to place it in Berlin.

In any case, Iris goes to Berlin and meets The Solicitor (Ned Dennehy) to sign a piece of paper that makes the estate hers. What she learns next is that once the deed is signed, she is tied to an unspeakable entity residing in the basement of the pub.

This is where “Baghead” lives. A shape-shifting creature that can transform into a deceased person. The pub isn’t actively a pub, but it does make a lot of money from Baghead. People pay two thousand (euros, pounds, who knows?!) in cash for two minutes with the creature.

Baghead (2023) – Review | Shudder Horror Movie

Easy money? Not in a horror movie!

Being permanently down on her luck, Iris does exactly what her father did. She’s more than tempted to exploit the creature’s powers, she’s depending on it to make a living.

Also, being able to help desperate people – for a price – isn’t the worst way to make a living. However, there was that rule of using the Baghead creature for just two minutes. And Iris will soon learn what happens when you break the two-minute rule.

For Iris, this is very much a “learning on the job”-ordeal. She learns of the creature when Neil (Jeremy Irvine) shows up and begs to be a customer. In fact, he will pay whatever Iris says. Neil has lost his wife and just wants to say goodbye.


Baghead reminded me of Talk to Me, which did reach its full potential >

Of course, this is where any horror fan will know that there’s probably more to Neil’s request to speak with his wife. And there is. But you’ll have to see for yourself.

Along with Iris, we see her best friend Katie (Ruby Barker). And I have to also mention that their relationship and connection to one another is never fully defined in this movie. Another element that could and should have been explored for just a few minutes to help us understand why Katie helps so much.

I mean, the way they treat one another and seem financially connected feels more like siblings or lovers, but nothing is clearly defined. It’s a shame. Especially as Iris is struggling to control Baghead and avoid that it destroys them.

Along with Freya Allan (The Witcher) in the lead role, we see wonderful actors in small key roles. These include Saffron Burrows (You) as Iris’ mom, Julika Jenkins (Dear Child), and Svenja Jung (Dark) as someone brought back from the dead.

Watch Baghead on Shudder!

This new Shudder horror movie is the full-length feature adaptation of director Alberto Corredor’s own short film. We’ve included the trailer for the feature film version and the original 2017 short film below. Click here to watch the trailer for the Baghead short film.

I can easily understand why Baghead has been selected to be part of the Shudder’s “Halfway to Halloween”. It’s an annual, monthlong horror-thon lineup taking place in April. After all, this is six months before the Halloween month of October, so it marks the halfway mark to the spooky season.

From an indie short to a feature film now on Shudder, is a great development and one that is deserved. Even if the full-length version falls short of its own awesome potential, it still has a great vibe and style.

Baghead will debut on Shudder on Friday, April 5, 2024. Also available to stream on AMC+.


Director: Alberto Corredor
Writers: Christina Pamies & Bryce McGuire, Lorcan Reilly (short film)
Stars: Freya Allan, Jeremy Irvine, Ruby Barker, Peter Mullan, Ned Dennehy, Anne Müller, Saffron Burrows


A young woman inherits a run-down pub and discovers a dark secret within its basement – Baghead – a shape-shifting creature that will let you speak to lost loved ones, but not without consequence.

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