YOU’RE NOT ME is a Spanish psychological thriller (org. title: Tú no eres yo). This is a movie that also uses horror quite a lot – in a good way. A mystery that you will be getting all the answers to. World premiering at Fantastic Fest 2023. Read our full You’re Not Me movie review here!

YOU’RE NOT ME is a new Spanish genre movie (org. title: Tú no eres yo) enjoying its world premiere at Fantastic Fest. It’s part psychological thriller, part horror, and a whole lot of mystery. For the longest time, you will have no clue as to what is actually going on. Neither does the main character, so we’re in the same position as her.

However, do not fear, you will be getting answers to all your questions before the movie ends. Also, this is the second Fantastic Fest screening we’re watching that has a Christmas theme. Of course, it’s always a strong setting, but watching both The Uncle and this one makes for an interesting new take on Christmas horror. Both are also very much worth watching.

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When a surprise doesn’t work as intended

Aitana is living in Brazil with her Brazilian wife, Gabi, and their newly adopted son. They’re supposed to go home to Aitana’s family for New Year’s Eve, but Aitana has decided to surprise them and return in time for Christmas. After a terrible and long flight, they arrive at the doorstep of her childhood home, but her family does not react as she hoped.

She gets a strangely chilly reception from her parents, Dori and Justo. They’re in shock but also not really happy to see her. Aitana’s younger brother Saúl, however, is thrilled to see his beloved big sister. He is suffering from a degenerative muscular disease which has now confined him to a wheelchair.

When he last saw his sister, he could still walk. The two have kept in touch with weekly Facetime chats, so she knew he wasn’t doing too well, which is the main reason she wanted to come home in time for Christmas.

Then something very strange happens; Dori and Justo introduce a woman named Nadia. She’s a Romanian refugee, who lived as a homeless person in Spain, but the affluent couple have taken her in. She’s a caretaker for Saúl and, it would appear, their new daughter for all intents and purposes.

Nadia seems to be the daughter they’ve always wanted, and Aitana thinks that her being with a woman is the reason why. However, the family is very kind and warm towards Gabi, so that doesn’t feel right either.

You're Not Me (2023) – Review | Thriller

Relax and listen

We’ve seen quite a few horror movies by now, where “relax and listen” is the key to a happy ending. SAW II springs to mind as one of the obvious examples. And no, this is not a spoiler for the plot of this one, but just an example that sometimes, you need to take a breath, listen, and pay attention.

In You’re Not Me, Aitana is so upset and angry that she finds it impossible. As a viewer, I found myself thinking that every time her mother said “We’ll talk about it tomorrow”, she was trying to help her as best she could.

However, seeing this stranger, Nadia, wearing her clothes and sleeping in her bed has made Aitana lose her mind. Also, it appears that all traces of Aitana have been replaced by Nadia. Including picture frames and a seat at the table.

If I’m honest, this would feel like an absolute nightmare for me as well, and I just might react with the same anger; If you reject me, then I reject you!

We all know that those we love are also those who can hurt us the most. This is exactly what You’re Not Me is utilizing. However, it’s also clear that communication is key here and that is clearly hampered. Some can’t speak freely and others simply will not listen to what is being said.

Could this movie end in a Christmas miracle or is horror the only thing left? You’ll have to watch this movie to find out. And yes, you really should watch it.

You’re Not Me World Premiere at Fantastic Fest 2023

Writer and directors Marisa Crespo and Moisés Romera have managed to create a particularly cruel genre hybrid with You’re Not Me. Partly because we’re kept in the dark for so long, but also simply due to the nature of what is revealed.

It pays to be patient, though I did find myself getting very irritated with the main character. I understand her disappointment in how her family treated her, but her parents also constantly try to just keep her away from everything happening. Of course, there are (very brilliantly, I might add) also revealed some things from Aitana’s past that can help explain her intense reaction.

If you’re looking for a new kind of Christmas horror movie, then You’re Not Me could very well be it. I just hope you’ll get the chance to watch it. When you do get the opportunity, you should absolutely jump at it.

You’re Not Me (org. title: Tú no eres yo) is world premiering at Fantastic Fest 2023. We’ll update this review with wider release information as soon as we have it.


Directors: Marisa Crespo, Moisés Romera
Writers: Marisa Crespo, Moisés Romera
Stars: Roser Tapias, Pilar Almería, Álvaro Báguena, Anna Kurikka, Pilar Martínez, Jorge Motos, Yapoena Silva, Alfred Picó


Aitana shows up at her estranged parents’ home for a surprise Christmas visit and discovers they’ve replaced her with a strange live-in caretaker.

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