AGAK LAEN (2024) on Netflix is an Indonesian Horror-Comedy. It’s quite goofy and not for everyone, but it’s still good fun if you’re into that. Read our full Agak Laen movie review here!

AGAK LAEN (2024) is a new Netflix horror-comedy from Indonesia. And for this one, the comedy element is prevalent. Sure, there are moments of horror, but mostly due to the main characters having a haunted house attraction at a fair.

It’s silly and weird and for the first long while, I was ready to give it up. However, it also has a strange charm to it. If you’re into goofy comedies with horror touches here and there, then check it out. The runtime is 1 hour and 59 minutes which is way too long.

Continue reading our Agak Laen movie review below. Find it on Netflix from May 31, 2024.

A failing haunted house

In Agak Laen, we meet four friends, who are working in a haunted house ride at a night market. To call their shabby setup a haunted house is almost offensive to all the solid haunted house experiences out there.

That’s why it’s no wonder that it’s failing. It’s not scary, they put minimal effort into making it, and nothing these four get involved with seems to turn out right.

However, they make some changes and now the haunted house is worthy of its name. Unfortunately, this causes the death of an elderly man with heart disease. Then an influencer comes by and it goes viral.

There’s just the issue of the dead man being buried inside the haunted house. That’s right, instead of dealing with it head-on, they make all the wrong choices.

Agak Laen (2024) – Review | Netflix Horror-Comedy

Not without good elements

It’s also a crime thriller in a sense, but this takes a backseat to the comedy. For a few (very few) brief moments, it reminded me of One Cut of the Dead. Even stating that is probably grossly overselling it but there you have it.

The movie is based on a very popular podcast which I wasn’t all that surprised to discover. Overall, this is all about the characters and the mess they land in constantly. I can see how that would work in a podcast setting.

Watch the Agak Laen movie on Netflix now!

This new Indonesian horror-comedy on Netflix is a film adaptation of the 2021 Podcast series Agak Laen. This probably also explains why it did so well in its native Indonesia. The writer and director of the movie is Muhadkly Acho, who has acted more than directed, but that appears to be changing.

Agak Laen managed to sell more than 9,1 million movie theater tickets. This resulted in the Agak Laen movie adaption becoming the all-time second-highest-grossing box office for an Indonesian film. Number one is the 2022 horror movie KKN di Desa Penari.

If you’ve checked out a few of the Indonesian genre productions on Netflix or Shudder, you’ll know that they range from being very bad to very good. This one is probably somewhere in the middle. It’s all in the eye of the beholder and whether you’re in the mood for something quite goofy.

Agak Laen (2024) is out on Netflix from May 31, 2024.


Director: Muhadkly Acho
Writer: Muhadkly Acho
Stars: Bene Dion Rajagukguk, Oki Rengga, Indra Jegel, Arie Kriting, Arief Didu, , Boris Bokir Manullang, Indah Permatasari


Four friends running a haunted house search for new ways to scare visitors, but hijinks ensue when they take things a step too far.

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