Kong: Skull Island first film in up-coming Kaiju trilogy, which will end with the much anticipated Godzilla vs. King Kong in 2020.

First movie in the trilogy will be Kong: Skull Island with an expected premiere on March 10, 2017. The confirmed news right now is that this movie will lead straight into Godzilla 2, which is set to hit theaters in 2018 before the trilogy wraps up two years later with Godzilla vs. King Kong in 2020.

And yes, it might seem strange that Godzilla 2 is the second film in a trilogy where the first Godzilla  isn’t the first film, but this is simply because a trilogy wasn’t completely planned back then. This time around, all three movies are planned from the get-go and will be its own Kaiju trilogy.

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With Kong: Skull Island we’re getting a movie that isn’t a sequel or remake of any previous King Kong movie. This movie will be on its own in that regard and as such, it will be completely free to create the perfect universe to lead the story into Godzilla 2 with no restrictions, which means we should get a smooth Kaiju trilogi (story and plot wise, anyway).

Besides having a massive budget, there’s an awesome cast attached to Kong: Skull Island, which is sure to help the success along. Tom Hiddleston (Crimson Peak and probably best known as Loki in the current Marvel universe) stars as a man, who travels to Skull Island, where the amazing giant apes reside. The entire plot is meant to be a tribute to the King Kong legend, but set in a different time.
And since we now know that this movie will continue directly into the plot of Godzilla 2 is seems a pretty educated guess that the story takes place in the present or a near future. By doing this, they’d be going back to the premise of the original King Kong movie, which came out and took place in 1933 – the same time period used by Peter Jackson for his Kong in 2005.

Alongside Hiddleston, Kong: Skull Island also stars Brie Larson (multiple award winner and current Academy Award nominee for Room), John Goodman (soon the be in theaters with 10 Cloverfield Lane), Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction and Nick Fury in the Marvel universe) plus many other amazing talents.

Oh yes, there’s much to look forward to, but unfortunately we’ll have to be patient since we still have more than a year before the first movie of this Kaiju trilogy opens with Kong: Skull Island on March 10, 2017.

Are you happy with the news of this Kaiju trilogy?

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