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We were very happy to find out the short film Selfie From Hell is being made into a feature film. Now it’s up for a National Video Award

Even though the focus of producer, Meelah Adams, and Writer-Director, Erdal Ceylan, is on making the feature film version, there’s still time to enjoy the success of the short film that started it all. Right now that means celebrating the fact that their horror short film Selfie From Hell is nominated at the German Video Awards called the Web Video Preis (which translates into Web Video Award).

The winner is to be found through good old fan voting, and we’d certainly like to encourage horror fans to help Selfie From Hell along with a vote.

All you have to do is go to the Web Video Preis website and vote by giving your e-mail and name. Also, you have to confirm that you’re not in fact some horror-loving robot out to rig the awards.
Please note, you’ll receive an e-mail and have to confirm your vote by clicking a link in that e-mail.

In case you need a quick reminder, here’s the Selfie From Hell short film for you:

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