Want The Platform ending explained? Maybe you’re confused about the ending of The Platform movie on Netflix? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our take on Netflix horror movie ending. *SPOILERS*

Want the Netflix movie The Platform ending explained? Ever since The Platform was released on Netflix, we’ve seen people ask many questions about both the plot and the ending. However, it’s often the same few questions we see repeated over and over again. That’s why we’ve put together a little FAQ here and give you our answers.

Obviously, this will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from The Platform including the actual ending. After all, we need to delve into all of it to cover the various questions about the ending.

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Netflix movie The Platform ending explained

Let’s get into the The Platform ending by answering some of the most asked questions.

Why was the panna cotta the message?

No food ever made it to the bottom of the hole. So, if a delicious dessert full of fat and sugar could make it to the bottom (and then back to the top level 0), then that would mean people had managed to work together.

Someone would have to have actively chosen to protect this food to prove a point and had managed to succeed.

Quick fact: The original Spanish title is El hoyo which actually means “The Hole”. In other words, this title focuses on the actual hole and not the platform.

Why is the girl the message in the actual The Platform ending?

If someone goes from the very wonderful level 6 (as our two heroes did) and all the way to the bottom, then this is one thing. This could just mean that they had gone mad.

However, if they go to the bottom and returns with the girl, who was apparently living at the bottom, then that sends a message that people can and will prevail when they help each other.

Since the girl is sent up alone, it seems that the message becomes a bit less valuable. In theory, the girl could have gone over to the platform without any help. The panna cotta and the girl together would still have been a strong message, though.

Still, the fact that the girl is the message is perfect in the sense that children represents innocence. And the child going to the top level (Heaven?) is innocence prevailing.

How is the girl even alive at the bottom?

Now you’re asking the right questions! This is what we need to get into in order to cover The Platform ending and explain it all.

Because, let’s be real, the girl should not (and could not) be alive if she had lived at the bottom level without food.

So how is it possible that the girl is alive? Well, let’s get into what the hole and the platform might have actually been.

How is the platform moving?

The platform isn’t attached to anything and seems to float when it goes beneath the bottom level. How is the platform moving up and down?

Well, this is sci-fi so who knows? It could be magic or magnets. The point is, it doesn’t really require any explanation since we’re not dealing with the usual rules of the world as we know it.

Is The Platform happening in virtual reality?

Well, yes, that is certainly one possible explanation. Maybe all of the things happening in The Platform is virtual reality along the veins of The Matrix.

Everyone involved in The Platform place could actually be plugged into something and it’s all one big mindf*ck.

Are aliens behind it all?

Aliens controlling the hole and the platform is another valid explanation.

The aliens could be using this place to try and figure out how human beings react under pressure. And, perhaps more importantly, what it will take to break the bond between human beings.

Netflix movie THE PLATFORM ending explained

Could The Platform be purgatory?

This would be the religious explanation. The Platform could be explained by looking at the place as some sort of purgatory. How you act in this place will determine whether you go to Heaven or Hell.

Or whether you’re reincarnated as a dung beetle or an eagle, if this fits better with your religious beliefs.

Where does Goreng go at the end of The Platform?

The very last we see of Goreng (the main character) is that he goes into the vast darkness of the very bottom level. Or actually, the level beneath the bottom level.

But where does he go and what does it mean?

Maybe it means he died and went into the darkness looking for the light. This could be a religions approach to the ending if you believe in heaven and hell or reincarnation.

If it’s all some form of virtual reality like The Matrix or it’s all run by aliens, then maybe he’ll be walking around the darkness for a long time… or simply end up where he started.

The ending of The Platform all depends on how you choose to view it. Yes, it is sort of like an “choose your own adventure” in that sense. We loved it here at Heaven of Horror, but we know it’s not an ending to everyones liking.

That’s it. We hope the above little Q&A helped explain any questions you had about the The Platform ending or plot. Maybe you should give it a second watch on Netflix with these points in mind.

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