MARK OF THE DEVIL is a new horror movie on Netflix. It’s from Mexico (org. title La Marca del Demonio) and features demonic possession. In other words, we’re dealing with a classic horror plot in this Netflix addition. Read our full Mark of the Devil review here!

MARK OF THE DEVIL is a new horror movie on Netflix. The Spanish-language movie is a Mexican production and has a lot going for it. On paper anyway!

When you read the plot, it sounds like Netflix offers you the chance for a classic horror movie. I mean, we’re dealing with demonic possession which is one of the most classic horror niches. Before its release on Netflix, the movie had an IMDb rating of 3.8 which is (obviously) a big red flag.

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The cast of Mark of the Devil

As soon as I saw the cover image (or poster, if you will) for Mark of the Devil, then I noticed Eduardo Noriega. I have really enjoyed watching him in movies for years and I immediately expected that it was a good sign.

In case you’re not familiar with him, Eduardo Noriega was in Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone (2001). Definitely a movie you should watch! Also, he’s in the Netflix series You Cannot Hide which was released recently.

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Other cast members include Eivaut Rischen (Silencio) as Karl and Arantza Ruiz (Fugitiva) as Camila. Also, Oliver Nava is part of the cast. Both he and Arantza Ruiz were also in Romina which was the previous movie by the Mark of the Devil director. More on that later!

Mark of the Devil - Netflix Review

I can’t take Mark of the Devil seriously

Look, I will admit that the opening scene of Mark of the Devil got my hope up a little bit. Not so much because of the content, which is very standard. We’re dealing with an exorcism and there’s nothing new in terms of that. However, production quality and the overall tone seemed pretty good.

Then we see a book that looks like a prop from Evil Dead and the name “Lovecraft” is mentioned. The movie already opens with a quote from H.P. Lovecraft, so now they’re just laying it on thick. Also, some younger people decide that it’s a good idea to read from the aforementioned creepy book. Have you learned nothing, kids?!

Anyway, my biggest problem with Mark of the Devil is the fact that it’s so damn serious. You are not making The Excorcist with all the horror and drama that it offered. No, we’re more along the lines of Evil Dead but you refuse to really go there with humor and over-the-top acting.

Instead, we get a weird cowboy-looking guy and a priest that would actually have made a good duo in a slasher horror-comedy. Alas, you want this to be serious and I just cannot take any of it seriously.

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Mark of the Devil was directed by Diego Cohen. His previous movie was Romina (2018) which we also covered here on Heaven of Horror when it was released on Netflix. Let’s just say that while it was a somewhat memorable experience, it wasn’t for anything good. In fact, it’s one of the (relatively few) 1-star reviews we’ve ever done!

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Ruben Escalante Mendez is the screenwriter who came up with Mark of the Devil and this is only his second writing credit. While everyone has to start somewhere, this is not a good movie to have on your resume. It should be noted that director Diego Cohen did the editing of this movie just as he did with Romina.

I have no idea why Eduardo Noriega would ever agree to do this movie. I mean, he has an impressive resume and a good name. Or, at least I thought he did. If this is what he chooses (or has) to do, then I fear those days are over. This is not good, but obviously, you’ll probably have to watch it for yourself to see just how bad it is.

Mark of the Devil will be out on Netflix in the UK, Australia, and Canada from March 27, 2020.


Director: Diego Cohen
Writer: Ruben Escalante Mendez
Stars: Dunia Alexandra, Lumi Cavazos, Laura de Ita, Nicolasa Ortíz Monasterio, Oliver Nava, Eduardo Noriega


When two sisters open an ancient book that ushers evil into their midst, a possessed priest wrestling with his own demons becomes their only salvation.

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