Instead of writing about Halloween pranks, we’re just going to show you what we found on YouTube – after all, this is a movie website.

You can find everything from the simple and fun teasing, to the elaborate Halloween pranks that’ll scare most people senseless for a few seconds. You’ll notice that not all the pranks featured in the videos below were used for Halloween. But, of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for inspiration on how to prank people during this awesome holiday.

A little heads up: In searching for these, we’ve come across some crazy “pranks” that are pretty twisted and seriously hurt random people. We don’t want to encourage any kind of crazy actions, so we’re focusing on the fun stuff and/or the very Halloween themed pranks. We’re going for the Freddy Krueger and Evil Dead style of horror and not A Serbian Film.

A quick little reference to our beloved horror movies

Very fitting, it’s Michael Myers and Halloween. Well, the mask and outfit anyway, but the theme itself is more of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre deal. Guess someone wanted to have the best of two horror worlds, and really, who can blame them?!
Also, note how the first mom notices the prankster and tries to stop him without blowing his cover… not that he listens, of course:

The classics always work

Here’s the classic “Don’t mind me, I’m just a decoration” Halloween prank, where he shows how to make yourself look like a scarecrow and then moves on to scare the kids of the neighborhood:

Halloween candy pranks

Up next are 8 food related Halloween Pranks. Perfect for Trick r’ Treaters or just a Halloween Party prank. More specifically, here are 8 ways to ruin anyone’s desire for Halloween candy:

Simple, but pretty elaborate, prank from Australia

We had to include this little Australian gem. It wasn’t performed for Halloween, so it’s not a Halloween prank as such, but it should be. It really should be!

Three boys did this with very simple effects. It’s scary as Hell, kinda cruel, and very entertaining:

BONUS: Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night with The Ellen Show… Just because it’s funny to see other people get scared. Here are the videos from the past three years:

1) First up is 2013, where they go through The Walking Dead maze – this was basically what was later turned into a year round attraction!

2) In 2014, Jacqueline went with Andy. Watching Jacqueline is very similar to how ScreamQueen looked going through The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios.

3) Last year (2015), Andy went with Eric Stonestreet from Modern Family. But don’t worry, the fact that they were two men that year didn’t mean we heard less screaming…

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