We had a sneak peek, and are very happy to report that you can rest assured Penny Dreadful will have a strong season 3 premiere!

We’ve been looking forward to the new season of Penny Dreadful for quite some time now, and since we liked season 1 and loved season 2, we weren’t sure what to expect. Well, we’ve seen the first episode of season 3 now and there’s no need to worry, because – in stark contrast to the season 2 premiere of Fear The Walking Dead – the season 3 premiere for Penny Dreadful delivers the goods right from the beginning!

Penny Dreadful season 3 posterOn Monday, we’ll release our recap for the premiere, but for the time being, we do want to leave you with this little teaser: Not just one, but two of the biggest horror character icons will be joining the already impressive collection. One will be joining Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) and the other is out for our favorite character, Vanessa Ives (Eva Green).

Then again, when isn’t someone out for dear Miss Ives? And just like we saw in season 2, Eva Green is amazing as Vanessa Ives, who seems more damaged than ever before, but not at all ready to give up. Also, we get more scenes between Eva Green and Patti LuPone from this very first episode of season 3, which is acting of the highest caliber. I find myself almost holding my breath when these two women are facing each other with an unmatched strength and charisma of any other show on TV.

Yes, Bates Motel  does have Vera Farmiga – who matches Eva Green as portraying the best horror characters on TV, in my humble opinion – and both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead have amazing and strong women, but only Penny Dreadful tends to really tap into the power of two strong women facing off as a solid plot device and not just a few scenes here and there. Even though these characters are pretty much in the same corner, there’s a powerful dynamic in the dialogue and relationship that translates into breathtaking storytelling.

The two new iconic horror characters aren’t the only additions, since even more characters will be joining from the very first episode. And we won’t get to see what all the characters we know and love (or loathe) from the previous two seasons are up to now, but don’t fear, they will all be back and with prominent storylines to make your little horror heart long for the next episode.

Season 3 of Penny Dreadful will premiere on Showtime May 1, 2016.

Check out the trailer for Penny Dreadful season 3 in our previous story here!

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