MONOLITH is a new sci-fi thriller mystery with a strong horror vibe. We only see one person on the screen while everyone else is only voice actors. It has a creepy vibe, features a great story, and I simply loved it! Read our full Monolith movie review here!

MONOLITH is a new sci-fi thriller mystery that premiered at the Adelaide Film Festival in Australia in October 2022. In 2023, it continued to play at film festivals worldwide from SXSW to FrightFest in the UK, and Sitges in Spain. Now it’s finally out in wider release for all of us to see, which means you have a real treat in store.

It’s an Australian movie that stars Lily Sullivan (Evil Dead Rise) as the only actor seen on the screen. Well, technically, we also see a young version of her in an old home video, but you get the gist. All other actors in the movie only appear with their voices. This makes for a focused and almost claustrophobic setting, but it works perfectly for this story.

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Eerie and engaging

There’s something about Monolith that engages and intrigues you while also being strangely scary in unknown and eerie ways. Well, unknown until the movie is over and we get the full picture, of course.

We meet a disgraced journalist, who worked as an investigative reporter and got burned. When unable to confirm her sources, she had to apologize for a story she had released. Despite her story being true and shining a spotlight on someone guilty, she is now the one struggling to get back on her feet. Not fair at all, but also not unheard of.

In any case, she’s ready to get back to work and is doing so via a new podcast. One that leads to her investigating strange experiences and conspiracy theories. For her very first episode, she is on to something and it goes viral immediately. Not only that, but she gets a lot of emails from people all over the world with similar experiences.

It’s all about receiving a black brick. Darker than anything you’ve ever seen, with no origin, and difficult to understand the purpose of. It does, however, always evoke a strange feeling in the people receiving it. As the various clues start leading her uncomfortably close to home, she is forced to face what lies at the heart of her own story.

Monolith (2022) – Review | Sci-fi Thriller

Perfect for anyone who enjoyed Calls

Of course, having one character interact with many other characters without ever being physically near them, makes for an easier production situation at the height of a pandemic. Remember, Monolith premiered in the Fall of 2022.

And while this kind of production – keeping actors physically apart while allowing them to interact – was used a lot during the pandemic, this is one of the most successful I’ve watched. Monolith is a very different kind of beast. It’s more sleek, elegant, and hits deeper with its storyline compared to jumpscare horror-focused pandemic productions.

I couldn’t help but think of the Apple TV+ anthology series Calls which focused solely on voice acting. With Monolith, we get everything that worked for Calls but combined with having Lily Sullivan giving a face to the confusion, determination, and horror. It’s a truly breathtaking experience to let yourself get lost in this world.

Watch Monolith in Theaters or on Digital

Matt Vesely is the director of Monolith and has created a gorgeous sci-fi thriller. One that offers a sleek look with lots of cold energy that is then contrasted by warm colors that help you get under the skin of the story. This is the feature film debut of Matt Vesely, and a very impressive one. Next is the sci-fi comedy series Overheater (in pre-production).

The screenplay comes from Lucy Campbell and Monolith is also a feature film debut for her. For me, the story always comes first and for this sci-fi thriller, I am in love with the story. Previously, Lucy Cambell worked as a script supervisor on various projects. Her debut was for the TV series version of the iconic Aussie horror movie Wolf Creek.

Lily Sullivan is wonderful as the only actor on-screen and carries so much of the story. She is the storyteller in Monolith, but the voice actors help it come to life as well. The entire cast is what brings it all to life in such an unforgettable way. You really do not want to miss out on this one!

Monolith is In Select Theaters and On Digital from February 16, 2024.


Director: Matt Vesely
Writer: Lucy Campbell
Cast: Lily Sullivan


While trying to salvage her career, a disgraced journalist begins investigating a strange conspiracy theory. But as the trail leads uncomfortably close to home, she is left to grapple with the lies at the heart of her own story.

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